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Berkeley推动手机辐射警告标签 (Berkeley promote the mobile phone radiation warning labels)


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2009年就开始这项研究的加大Berkeley家庭和社区卫生中心负责人Joel Moskowitz则表示,手机是危害公共健康的最危险因素之一。Moskowitz说,更新,更复杂的无线技术,加上人们花费越来越多的时间在手机上,肯定会导致脑癌的上升。手机辐射穿透皮肤和颅骨,并吸收进入脑组织,其对细胞产生不良影响。Moskowitz建议与手机保持距离,使用佩戴耳机,使用扬声器功能。 Berkeley将在9月9号市会议上讨论手机警告标签问题 。

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Berkeley promote the mobile phone radiation warning labels

Beijing: 2014-07-15 15:12:30

Berkeley is preparing an ordinance requiring cell phone retailers on the phone packaging indicates that mobile phone radiation can cause cancer. San Francisco has done a similar attempt in 2010, but two years later failed. To avoid failure, Berkeley law professor at Harvard University plans to consult, in order to make warning labels comply with the First Amendment. If the ordinance to be successful, Berkeley would be the first U.S. city to have such policies. National Brain Tumor Society, said no studies have found a direct relationship with brain cancer, but this possibility "has not been ruled out."

2009 began the study to increase the Berkeley Family and Community Health Center for Joel Moskowitz said, the phone is one of the most dangerous factors that endanger public health. Moskowitz said that the newer, more sophisticated wireless technology, coupled with people spend more and more time on the phone, will definitely lead to an increase of brain cancer. Mobile radiation penetrates the skin and skull into the brain tissue and absorb its adverse effects on the cells. Moskowitz is recommended to keep the distance and cell phone use to wear headphones, use the speaker function. Berkeley will discuss the problem of cell phone warning labels on September 9 City meeting.

Read more at: http://soundofhope.org/node/492254

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