Friday, June 06, 2014

Refuge Sign-up Sheet

Refuge Sign-up Sheet

Please Forward to Interested Parties:

I had posted, some time back, a refuge page on my website which includes a sign-up sheet for a marketing survey and locational interests. My searches are in New England, Canada, and South America at present for something permanent--Art Kab is working on his own to find something in CA and is collecting names separately for his search.

Here is the direct link to my sign-up sheet which is discussed further on my website (see below): I've improved and updated it to reflect the present--I'm willing to go just about anywhere now! Still, I haven't gotten many sign ups and likely need to do more advertising in order to determine whether enough financing exists. I know people are not always able or willing to commit to change. For those that are, there needs to be a way to connect, whether in New England, Canada, or elsewhere.

I found a possible location in MA for 900K, of approx. 65 acres, but am uncertain of whether to pursue this, due to the building of wireless towers in the States and the densely populated East coast. Building may drag through several more years and require continued fighting, and then there is the price tag--there are better buys if not better locations. This is a question for later, although I'm considering whether a more remote outpost in Canada might be more feasible to avoid cell tower development and control costs, as well as perhaps accessing supports for EHS, a recognized disability.  

If the locations I mentioned seem possible, please give it a look and sign up if interested further. Art is collecting names & information for CA--I'm not looking at CA directly, but of course am open to moving there if Art finds something workable. Either way, a list of investors is necessary for a reasonable understanding of possibilities. This is a survey only at present.

Best, Kirstin

--See "Refuge Openings and Development" page for further information on ideas for refuge.

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