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Israeli App Makes Sure You Always Have Reception

Israeli App Makes Sure You Always Have Reception

Glove, a new Israeli-based startup, ensures that you have a signal on your cellphone everywhere you go, even those places with no reception

By: Miriam YoungPublished: January 9th, 2014 in Business » Israel

You may have the swankiest smartphone on the block, but if you’re in an area with no reception, it becomes about as useful as a brick. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make sure you always have signal? Well, there’s an app for that and it’s made in Israel.

Glove is a new startup, launched in December 2013, with an app that figures out which cellphone carrier has the best coverage for each individual user.

According to the company, three out of four people could be on a better carrier at any moment. After downloading the app to your smartphone, it runs for three days and analyzes the signal on your phone in various locations, providing an option for an immediate switch to a better plan, referring the user to the carrier.

“Wireless carriers all have different levels of coverage within their networks in different areas,” co-founder Ori Goshen tells NoCamels. “Glove does all the hard work of figuring out which carrier will give you the best wireless service and then it provides a personalized carrier recommendation.”

“In today’s world, when people are [more] dependent on their mobile devices and connectivity than ever before, choosing the right wireless carrier is one of the most important purchasing decisions that consumers make. Glove is reshaping the mobile industry by giving consumers the knowledge & power to get on a network that fits them the best,” Goshen adds.

Finding the plan that fits
Goshen and his two partners, Amit Lubovsky, Gil Friedlander, already created another app together, called Tawkon. The app tells users how much radiation they are exposed to on their cellphone. Goshen says the technology developed for Tawkon became a great foundation for Glove, as it can be used to monitor network quality.

“We’re essentially crowdsourcing mobile experience to map coverage and quality levels of wireless networks. We already gathered more than a billion network events that show how various networks perform in different areas,” Goshen tells NoCamels. Basically, the app collects data regarding cell coverage and adds it to the company’s database, making their suggestions to other users more accurate.

For each customer who switches carriers using the app, Glove gets a fee. The company says this creates a creates a win-win situation, since if the carrier offers quality service and good coverage – it will gain more costumers.

The application is free for download in America and Israel. It currently is only available for Android and will be coming out on iOS soon.

Reprinted with permission from No Camels - Israeli Innovation News

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