Monday, May 21, 2012

Thanks and best regards to David O Carpenter

Thanks and best regards to David O

Hi Magda, Andrew

I'm organizing a day conference on EMFs in Montreal with, the
Quebec Association to Fight Air Pollution which I convinced to deal with EMFs
(Francois Therrien is their EMF man but he is taking a break because of pressure
- computer stolen twice, risks losing his teaching job)....

...Dr Carpenter was in Montreal the last three days, two of them at the Energy Board for
AQLPA on the smart issue, and gave a great talk yesterday.

A wonderful man. Unfortunately, he didn't drink enough water and collapsed in the heat before the end of his talk.

Didn't pass out, it was a pressure drop. Went to hospital and blood wasn't moving well from one side of his heart to another, but he's fine and will be driven home today.

Thanks and very best regards,


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