Monday, May 21, 2012

Any More White Zones (safe areas)?

Any More White Zones (safe areas)?

Tue May 15, 2012 4:57 pm (PDT)

Here is the current list of safer areas posted at Any other ideas to add?

Port Franks, Ontario

France and Italy: EMF Refugees
Spain: Olvera


ARIZONA: Be warned that Arizona has not yet sanctioned any areas to be free from Smart Meters. Customer service at Tucson's energy company did NOT even know that they had Smart Meters! If a meter reader does NOT have to physically look at the electric, gas, and/or water meter then you have Smart Meters.

Dolan Springs' Chamber of Commerce notes on their website "Dolan Springs is a mild climate most of the year, with very little pollutants that the cities have. We have a lot of residents with an allergy and chemical breathing problems living here." Unfortunately the Chamber of Commerce has a wireless hotspot so that you may check your email.

Snowflake has a population with many who are electrosensitive and chemically sensitive.

CALIFORNIA: Most areas in California offer a Smart Meter extortion rate, oops--we mean opt-out for a fee. Having Smart Meters removed from a home helps, but considering that California has some of the most powerful Smart Meters designed to pulse microwave radiation a full mile this opt-out is not enough.

Northern California has a few people talking about buying land together and living off-grid. If interested email WirelessMess (at) Yahoo (dot) com.

Santa Cruz has a teahouse with no cell phone, wifi policy. Santa Cruz is "ground zero" for anti Smart Meter activism, yet all their hard work was not enough to stop the onslaught of Smart Meters.


Rockvale has a Possible Group Yet To Be Formed - If interested email Gary at gjohnson (at) ksu (dot) edu.


Green Bank was the safe have for electrosensitives but WARNING IT HAS BEEN Smart Metered. We assume the 10 mile protected around the telescope is safe (except from telescope emissions of course), but don't consider a move to Green Bank until you have the entire scoop!

Please send ideas for other areas which are safe!

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