Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Safety Code 6 - Important Message and Commentary from Jerry Flynn

Here is just the Conclusion of what easily proved to be the most preposterous and difficult letter I have ever struggled to write in my entire life! But it is no joke! This is REAL! Doing nothing is not an option – if you care for your loved ones, especially for children, grandchildren and future generations! Please consider sharing this with others on your mailing lists. 

In conclusion, it boggles this writer’s mind to realize that just one corrupt, former Health Canada scientist, Dr. Michael Repacholi, PhD, was able to play such a key role in establishing the supposedly ‘safe’ Exposure Limits for people exposed to both Power Line Frequency (50 Hz/60 Hz) and RF EMFs for all three Western regulatory agencies: 1) Health Canada, 2) ICNIRP and, 3) the WHO! Also, Canada’s population needs to realize that Safety Code 6:

a) puts the onus on the public to prove that EMFs are hazardous to people, instead of making industry prove their technologies are SAFE before they are allowed on the market; 

b) ignores thousands of peer-reviewed studies that show EMFs are hazardous to people; 

c) has a dangerously-high ‘safe’ Exposure Limit for those exposed to RF EMFs (for 1800 MHz) of 4,393,278.4 µW/m²

d) does not recognize NON-thermal EMFs – regardless of frequency; 

e) does not recognize PULSED RF EMFs; 

f) does not recognize Power Line frequency (50 Hz/60 Hz)EMFs at all, and therefore provides absolutely no protection against the very real, known hazardous EMFs emitted by anything and everything in which (50 Hz/60 Hz) alternating current is flowing; 

g) enables electric power utilities and telecom companies to reap enormous profits from manufacturing, installing, utilizing and/or selling an ever-expanding constellation of products all of which are known to emit hazardous NON-thermal EMFs; and, 

h) saves electric power utilities billions of dollars in real estate costs they otherwise would have to spend in order for them to purchase the additional land needed for them to locate utility infrastructure at distances which are truly safe, i.e., such that magnetic field measurements at a school, hospital, residential area, place of work, public space, etc. do not exceed 1 mG! 
The foregoing is more than ample proof that Safety Code 6, instead of protecting the public’s safety and health, is Canada’s public enemy No. !

Other Western countries need to be frightened as well, particularly those that follow ICNIRP’s ‘guidelines’ for RF EMFs, because these, like Safety Code 6, were predicated on Standards established in 1953 for the US Navy – which had a ‘safe’ Exposure Limit for RF EMFs of 100 W/m² (or 10,000,000 µW/m²), and were based ONLY on the thermal effects! And this was more than 30 years BEFORE wireless products appeared on the market! Incredibly, ICNIRP’s ‘guideline’ for Power Line frequency (50 Hz/60 Hz) EMFs were also developed by the same, infamous Dr. Michael Repacholi, PhD (with the help of electric power industry representatives, whom he had invited)! This explains the enormous discrepancy that exists today between what non-industry scientists say constitutes a ‘safe’ ambient level of magnetic field in a home or school and what ICNIRP says (which Health Canada endorses): not more than one milliGauss (1 mG) vs ICNIRP’s 2,000 mG! 

Surreal as the above surely sounds, the worst is yet to come. But unless someone, somewhere, stops “5G” (which Safety Code 6, ICNIRP and the WHO’s ‘guidelines all permit) scientists say that man will not have to worry about Global Warming (for mankind will no longer exist)! 

Given the absurdity and the enormity of this unimaginably evil ‘crime - against all living things on planet Earth - not just people, it would be impossible for the world’s people (the victims) to scream too loudly demanding that some government – any government: a) ban 5G technology; and, b) immediately launch a thorough national - if not international - criminal investigation, to identify those callous, corrupt, sub-human, sick individuals who are perpetrating this monstrously evil crime against all humanity! Those found to be guilty should be identified by name and receive the harshest possible punishment – commensurate with their crime! Finally, Health Canada, ISEDC, Canada’s entire EMF community, and its electric power generation and telecommunications industries needs to be scrutinized, evaluated and closely monitored in future – if there is to be a future.

J.G. Flynn, Captain (Retired)
Bowser, B.C. 

(Note: I will gladly divulge my personal contact details if/when appropriate.)

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