Thursday, June 27, 2019

Huge anti-5G rally set for 8 AM Fri 6/28, Los Angeles City Hall

The dockworkers (in the Teamsters union) are really upset about 5G being set up at the Port of Los Angeles, they don't want the rf exposures nor automation which will do away with jobs. Los Angeles is busily setting up antennas all over the dock areas, and allegedly this is not in their Master Plan. About 500 of them expected to show up at City Hall in Los Angeles. See attached flyer for details. Am in communication with one of those setting this up, via our FB page Stop 5G California. for more info

If you are in the Los Angeles area and wish to be a speaker at the rally or at a meeting at city hall related to this (the latter I have little info on yet) contact me. They'd like scientists and doctors "in the know about the rf risks" to speak if possible.

I would love to see the Teamsters nationally take a position against 5G.

Susan Brinchman

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