Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Telstra takes over Australia's new National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR)

Telstra takes over Australia's new National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR)

In its 2004 Annual Report, Australia’s Telstra corporation stated, under the heading “Risk factors”, that “the establishment of a link between adverse health effects and electromagnetic energy (EME) could expose us to liability or negatively affect our operations”. This concern is understandable for Telstra – for if a clear trend emerges in cancer statistics that there may be a connection between telecommunications technology and cancer, such as brain cancers from mobile phone use, it would be bad news indeed for Telstra.

Could this be a factor in Telstra going after control of Australia’s new National Cancer Screening Register, which the government has said “will ensure Australia remained a world-leader in cancer research, prevention and treatment”.

Will we see the register later enlarged to include brain cancers as well? If this were to be the case then it is not inconceivable that ‘inconvenient’ cancer data could be easily and quietly ‘massaged’ or hidden for the benefit of Telstra’s corporate interests.

Of course Telstra would never do such a thing would they? LOL!

The other BIG question is why has the government selected Telstra over far more experienced organizations to take control over the NCSR?

It will be interesting just who Telstra selects to run the NCSR….the usual suspects perhaps? READ ON.

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