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MA smart meter investigation--please read

MA smart meter investigation--please read

The letter below was sent in by Victor during the so called Massachusetts investigation
They called the State/utilities Initiative. This is Victor’s testimonial. It is only fitting to have him represented here with us, since he died fighting for justice and resolution of this insidious public health hazard. Of course, the State ignored his advocacy on our part….Sandaura

Kerry Bowie – Assoc. Commissioner of Ops. Victor Nixon
Dept. of Environmental Protection 811 Painters Drive
One Winter Street, 2nd Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15228
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: (617) 556-1007 Phone: (412) 583-1492
Email:  Email:

October 20, 2011

Dear Mr. Bowie:

The subject of this communication is the present, and since approximately 2006, roll-out of the technology known as SmartGrid; which, to date, is backed by a minimum of $20Billion in Federal funding alone.

This introductory letter has been kept as short as possible and contains only that information which is pertinent at this time:

My name is Victor Nixon; I reside in Pittsburgh, PA. As a 58 year-old Army veteran, I keep myself “six-pack-abs” fit, do not drink alcohol or “do” drugs, and have had zero health issues until the last year or so. I am a computer systems engineer, and, as such, my 28+ years of experience in automation enables me to state that I have an intricate knowledge of computer systems and how they work; particularly, how computers are able to be networked together and communicate with one another at extremely-high information exchange rates. The logical methodology of my thinking enables me to separate the physically possible from that which is not.

In October 2009 I began hearing a noise. It was, and is, a low-frequency noise, the (musical) notes of B1 and Bb1 (B flat 1 – Subscript 1 denoting octave #1) joined together to produce a monotonous fluctuating drone 24/7 in the volume range of 60 decibels (dBA), the level of someone talking, to 80dBA, the level of a running kitchen garbage disposal unit. Ultimately, I tracked the origin of this noise to a 138KV (kilovolt = 1000 volts) electrical substation 4.2 miles from my home. But how was it possible for me to hear a noise at that volume level from over 4 miles away? How was it possible that so few people could hear it?

There were, in fact, two possibilities: The first was that electricity was leaking from a transmission line and reflecting back into the cable, colliding with the incoming electricity sine wave and producing an audible standing wave. Standing waves are a common occurrence in power lines; one of this magnitude is not. Add to that the implausibility that there would have to be a tremendous amount of reflected electrical power for it to have sufficient energy remaining to produce a standing wave in the power lines close enough to my home such that I could hear it incessantly and you have an unlikely situation. Utility companies monitor their transmission lines continually; a leak of the required magnitude would be picked up by the utility control room in less than a second. Multiple smaller leaks were also dubious; many small leaks still equal a large power loss.

The second possibility was just as improbable: It maintained that the electrical power transmission lines were leaking, but not electricity. The second, and only remaining, reason was that the power lines were in fact emitting microwave radio frequency (RF) energy at a level orders of magnitude above the maximum FCC regulated limit for an antenna of 4W/cm2 (W=Watt) at a distance of 1 meter in air. The IEEE defines any straight conductor as an antenna. In addition, over a period of 18 months, I had heard the same identical noise in 6 locations geo-physically separated by over 120 miles. But these locations had one common denominator; they were all in the vicinity of high-voltage electricity transmission lines. There is a saying, “Remove all of the possibilities and whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be true”.

This storyline now jumps to late-August 2011:

During the related time period I personally contacted every federal agency and utility that should be dealing with this problem and was met with stone-walled silence on the subject of this, newly and recently occurring, transmission line audible noise. Internet searches uncovered nothing relative to this phenomenon. It was at this time that I literally stumbled upon Sandra Chianfoni. A portion of her research pointed me to a nightmarish global scenario that, at first, I did not, could not, believe. It plainly and simply did not make sense then, and it does not make sense to this day. To me, as an engineer, it is horrific.

SmartGrid technology is based on digital communication using the electrical power transmission line grid as the backbone communication system. Utilities have been, for decades, communicating with their equipment that is attached to the grid at very-slow data transmission rates when compared to the transmission speeds that computers are capable of communicating today. The successful implementation of the entire SmartGrid initiative meant that the speed of the data transmission through/over the electricity transmission line grid had to increase by many orders of magnitude – It needed to operate hundreds of millions of times faster than it was/is presently operating.

Necessity breeds innovation: An Israeli Company, Amperion, parent BATM, parent Elbit, was the first to successfully roll out the newly engineered technology of BPL (Broadband over Power Lines). Many others have had partial success, but ultimately have fallen back on Amperion’s work. The root technology and the associated equipment is the proprietary information of Amperion; it is being utilized worldwide under many trade names and by many companies. The profit margins are enormous in the extreme, GE in the USA alone exported over $1Billion of equipment to Brazil in the first 3 quarters of 2011. SmartGrid has grown from a nothing industry into a global, extraordinarily-profitable, industry in less than 5 years.

In the USA; which was lagging behind other countries in the world in SmartGrid implementation because of the overall design of its electricity grid; the operating frequency of SmartGrid’s deployment is centered on 956MHz (Megahertz – millions of cycles per second) and uses a technology known as Zigbee. Zigbee is already ubiquitously employed in the USA in RFID tags and in some manufacturers vehicles’ embedded computer systems, most notably Toyota. Japan is the only other country on Earth that is rolling out SmartGrid at 956MHz. This frequency is in the officially recognized (FCC, IEEE) microwave spectrum band. Channels centered on this frequency are being ubiquitously fed into bare metal, unshielded high-voltage electricity transmission overhead cables at astonishingly high energy levels and this energy is radiating away from the lines; i.e. leaking heavily, wherever there is a chip, ding, or joint.

To the (probably contract) people that are installing and commissioning this SmartGrid technology the above is but a temporary problem. What is occurring here is that the calculated and required signal for communication with and operation of SmartGrid remote devices (electric/gas/water meters at this stage) is radiating away (leaking) from the transmission lines and does not have the required signal strength remaining to do its job when it gets to where it is supposed to get. Consequently, those personnel in the SmartGrid control rooms around the nation do not see on their computer screens what they want to see due to these “smart” meters not receiving the required communication signal from the transmission lines. A quick phone call rectifies the situation; the signal strength from every transmitter located at cell phone tower installations is turned up. The signal strength being fed into the transmission lines at every electricity substation is turned up. And so it continues until the required signal strength is present to communicate with all of the remote “smart” devices out there.

What occurs next is that the “smart” meters start to do the job that they are supposed to do. The people in the control rooms smile to themselves – Job done! What has also just occurred is that the signal strength being emitted from every transmitter located at cell phone tower installations has also increased. The signal strength being fed into the transmission lines at every electricity substation has also increased. The size of the emitted SmartGrid signal from the transmission lines has also increased. The size of the emission levels from the transmission line leaks has also increased. No one thinks of going to check on any of this because, “Hey! It’s all working like it’s supposed to; and anyway, it’s over a 100 miles to that substation/transmission line/cell phone tower installation and that would use up time that I haven’t got right now.” They simply check the box in the computer software database and move on to the next problem signal. This SmartGrid technology idea is awesome; the personnel integrating the equipment into our lives are not and, as a result, are very dangerous.

One of the results of the above conditions is that certain people can “hear” the emissions due to a scientifically-proven phenomenon known as the Microwave Auditory Effect. There is also an audible component to these microwave emissions; approximately 20% of the total of the emissions. Both of these effects are engineering/physics fact. The above described people could well be considered as “the canaries down the coal mine”.
I have three (3) unique fingerprints that prove the audible noise component is a harmonic of 956MHz. Firstly, my own 2 frequencies B1 and Bb1; taken together they are unique harmonics of the center frequency. Ms. Chianfoni’s many Audio Spectrum Analysis’; 254Hz and 1500Hz repeatedly show themselves, together they are unique harmonics of 955.5MHZ, the 1st channel down from the center frequency. A lady from Eugene, Oregon named A.J. Tolliver; an RF engineer at her location recorded a frequency of 47.8KHz multiple times, again a harmonic of 955.5MHz. I have other instrument data that further proves that these emissions are occurring.

There is also a more deadly effect: Continued and prolonged exposure to these microwave RF emissions has a debilitating effect on the nervous system of living creatures. It is a well-known physics fact. Presently in the USA, this incapacitating effect is at the stage where it is affecting small wild animals, particularly birds. These animals first lose the function of the Sciatic Nerve, rendering them rear-end paralyzed and consequently dying from lack of sustenance. Personal reports from across the USA and globally confirm this fact, I myself have seen many birds damaged in this way. For instance, the McKenzie River Dam and surrounding woodlands outside of the prior mentioned town of Eugene, OR are devoid of wildlife for no apparent reason. I am presently experiencing early symptoms of sciatic nerve problems in addition to optical nerve physical issues causing a “mirage” effect. There are many other symptoms, particularly emotional, demonstrated in humans; aggression, depression, and trepidation, are among known examples. The medical profession is, obviously, not yet aware of the link. Currently, Sandra Chianfoni is in contact with many people who are being affected by these emissions from all across the USA and worldwide, wherever SmartGrid is installed. All of these people are troubled and confused, not knowing what to do or whom they should contact to rectify the problem. All hear the same noise, whether intra-cranially, audibly, or both. Ms. Chianfoni has also accumulated and collated a profusion of relevant associated data. But, as she is not technically knowledgeable, she did not understand exactly what the data were telling her; I, however, did.

My research has shown that there is no IEEE Standard governing SmartGrid implementation per se in the USA. Consequently, the SmartGrid industry is broadly employing equipment that is “iffy” at best; injurious and probably fatal to all life as a given physical fact. Neither is there any higher authority overseeing the installation of SmartGrid other than the SmartGrid industry itself. Every game piece is set in place for a catastrophe of global proportions to imminently occur.

Whether people can hear this noise or not the physical effects will ultimately be the same. This is the part of the issue at hand that did not, and does not, make sense to me to this day; but my research has proven it to be true. The people that are working on, and rolling out, this technology are also killing themselves.

At this stage, I wish to take a step back and explain another scenario: Some people at corporations that are implementing SmartGrid are very smart, that is without doubt. Put the case that the transmission lines are radiating microwave RF’s but the emissions are below the IEEE/FCC regulated limits and that these emissions are “regulatory” safe, all it takes is single-digit microwatts below that which is allowed by law. Animals cannot speak for themselves and it would take years of medical research to link SmartGrid to the injuries/deaths of animals. People can speak for themselves: Many of the people that attempt to report their hearing problem to the authorities are met with the statement, “You have Tinnitus”. A more accurate statement would be, “You have SmartGrid microwave RF emissions induced Tinnitus”. Turn off this signal through the overhead cables and transmitting antenna and people’s Tinnitus disappears along with it – This is how it works for me and for others globally.

The Federal and State EPA’s no longer regulate noise levels – A very recently unannounced fact. The Federal EPA is nationally holding seminars with such titles as, “Your Hearing and Getting Older”. State representatives are holding “Health” conferences aimed at the 50+ years old population – I received an invite to one myself – The main topic? “Hearing”. People in their mid-50’s to early-60’s appear to be statistically the most affected by these SmartGrid microwave RF emissions.

My own and others’ calculations indicate that 2-10% of the population “hear” this noise. That is approximately between 6 and 30 million people affected in the USA alone. 

Personally, I would reduce this figure to 2-5%, 6-15 million people, as it appears to better mirror reality. Microwave Auditory Effect whitepapers; there have been many studies in the USA, from NASA, the military, through to various universities; indicate that very low levels of microwave RF cause tissue in the brain to expand and contract rapidly, vibrating the inner-ear cochlea mechanism causing the subject to intra-cranially hear a sound associated with the frequency and power-modulation of the microwave RF signal aimed at them. All of the studies were ultimately stopped as the subjects were demonstrating signs of elevated emotional distress in some respect. All of this is reported in accredited whitepapers, of which I have many.

This entire scenario can be likened to a very deep rabbit hole. The one positive that people who hear this noise have, at this stage, is that they can hear a noise and can say that they do. There is, however, a social stigma attached to this phenomenon I have found; something that SmartGrid personnel obviously took into consideration. After asking all of your friends and family if they can “hear” a noise and receiving a “No” answer the individual begins to doubt their own perceptions. As a result of this people are not speaking out and are isolating themselves in their agony and confusion. I have been put to the wall financially by SmartGrid as have many others, prolonged exposure causes incapacitation. Many have lost everything that they owned, others have attempted suicide, there are many consequent emotional symptoms instigated by this SmartGrid microwave RF leakage. It was only after I had “met” Ms. Chianfoni and discovered that there were, indeed, many others hearing this noise around the world that my research began in earnest along the SmartGrid trail. To coin a phrase, my earlier studies and research were, “Close ….. but no cigar!”.

Having 100% pinned down this entire SmartGrid scenario less than one week ago, my next step is to get this information out to government agency personnel who are currently dealing with related SmartGrid issues. It has been my experience thus far that these people are not technically minded, do not do a particularly good job of what they do, and that the words “not fit for purpose” spring to mind. Currently, I have 3 formal complaints pending with the PA PUC and I will begin to “wipe the floor” with SmartGrid et al. Also, I have several high-profile lawyers examining SmartGrid for the possibility of major legal action. Hopefully this would lead to a swift shut down of this technology in its entirety until such a time that it is reengineered, modified, and proven safe.

There exists a simple, safe, engineering alternative that would be far more technologically effective and economically viable utilizing the electricity transmission line grid topology.

As a final statement I should state the following: I visited Ms. Chianfoni’s location recently. The 956MHz center frequency RF spectrum analysis and emission data exceed the FCC limits by many multiples. It was so bad that it literally had me on my knees within 36 hours and I had to leave. I understand that these people have been living with this for over 5 years; you should be ashamed of yourselves MA EPA. You should also stand by for 10’s of thousands of people to enact massive legal proceedings against you.

For the record: Prior to this event I had no knowledge or interest in SmartGrid. Neither did I, nor do I, or do I intend to, have any interest in any of the present communications technologies whatsoever. All communications technologies in the past were and are acceptably benign in my view. SmartGrid, in the condition that it is presently in, is not a benign technology and it vexes me to state that I believe it is killing me in addition to millions of others. But I, for one, will not go down without a fight.

I do not want or require a response from either you or your organization, you waffle around the subject and are so ineffective that it would be pointless to enter into debate with you. You are not protecting the environment, you (think that you) are protecting yourselves; but as you have just read, you are not.


Victor Nixon

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