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Elimination of Ground Current Pollution Bill 161 - Passed 2nd reading with a unanimous vote from all three parties!!!!

Elimination of Ground Current Pollution Bill 161 - Passed 2nd reading with a unanimous vote from all three parties!!!!

Date: Feb. 20 2016 12:11:15 UTC−5

Reference: “.  Distribution poles and especially the neutral conductor need to be updated in areas where load exceeds capacity of the neutral to return the current to source.”
The above is an incorrect statement and is not the source of the problem nor is it the solution to the problem.
The problem:  The problem is the multi-grounded neutral system which has the neutral return current conductor connected to the earth at least four times per mile and at every pole mounted transformer placing the earth in parallel with the neutral conductor.  This allows the neutral return current to take all paths:  return neutral current returning on the neutral conductor and returning over the earth also as the earth is an electrical conductor.  The earth and the return neutral conductor are parallel electrical paths and each can transmit the return neutral current back to the source substation transformer and in doing so can harm animals, that is, humans and dairy cows and pigs.
The solution:  Leave the present neutral conductor and the multi-connections of the neutral to earth in place and referred to it as the electrical safety conductor (the green wire or third pole of the receptacle just like what is used in your home, commercial and industrial facilities) which will allow fault current from a live phase conductor that falls to the earth to return the short circuit current directly back to the substation transformer allowing the protective device to operate and when the protective device operates the fault current will stop flowing.  
Install a new neutral return conductor that is connected only to the pole mounted (or pad mounted or underground) transformers’ neutral bushing.  The phase conductor is connected to the other bushing of the pole mounted transformer as it is presently; this new neutral conductor will allow ALL the neutral return current to flow unimpeded without using the earth back to the source substation transformer.  With all of the return neutral current contained in a neutral conductor insulated and isolated from earth, there will be no stray voltage (incorrect term) or stray current (correct term) flowing over the earth to harm any animal; human, dairy cows, pigs.
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Subject: Elimination of Ground Current Pollution Bill 161 - Passed 2nd reading with a unanimous vote from all three parties!!!!
Thanks to all of you who attended the reading of the Elimination of Ground Current Pollution (Bill 161) presented to the Legislative Assembly by Rick Nicholls,  PC Critic for Community Safety.  Thanks also to those who contacted their local MPPs.
Bill 161 passed its second reading with unanimous support from all three parties.  
Several MPPs from all three parties addressed this Bill.  Many were in the House 10 years ago, when Maria Van Bommel presented a similar Bill.  They asked why little to nothing had been done regarding this serious problem. 
Rick did an excellent job.  His presentation is provided below.  About 30 plus farmers came from different parts of Ontario.  "Ontario Farmer" covered the passing of this Bill so wait for the next issue.
Lee Montgomery attended the reading as he did 10 years ago.   It is now 44 years that he has been fighting this injustice.  One tough little guy who just doesn't know how to call it quits.  He has been an inspiration to many of us who want the government to do the right thing and put current back onto the wire where it belongs.  
The speeches from MPPs were inspiring and many commented on the importance of farming and the farm family in Ontario.  You should be able to view this debate tomorrow, Feb 19  (check your local TV listing).
It has been a long, very long, uphill battle and the battle is far from over.  The Bill now goes to Committee and it will depend on the government as to how quickly Bill 161 will be dealt with.  
I do believe this government is committed to doing the right thing but they will be met with opposition from Hydro One and the other electricity providers.  The solution to the ground current problem, if generated off farm, will be expensive.  Distribution poles and especially the neutral conductor need to be updated in areas where load exceeds capacity of the neutral to return the current to source.  
The government has two years to determine how to implement Bill 161 and that implementation has to be completed within 10 years.  Hopefully some of the more severely affected regions of Ontario will get immediate attention so that livestock and farmers need no longer suffer the consequence of ground current pollution.
Once again a hardy thanks to all of you for your interest and your help.  A special thanks to Rick Nicholls who has been working on this issue for the past 4 years.  We need more MPPs like Rick, who are working to make Ontario a healthier place to live.  
Please share this information with others who are interested.

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