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The whole world is watching Google

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The whole world is watching Google

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Representatives of concerned groups from across Europe met with Mdme. Michele Rivasi, MEP, to discuss the launch of a European Citizen's Initiative to establish limits to microwave radiations.

Pictured above (Left to right) are John Weigel, representing the Irish Environmental Radiation Victims Network (IERVN), Paolo Vale, Portugal, Dr. Isaac Jamieson, Scotland, Julio Carmona, PECCEM, Spain, Frank Berner, Germany, Barbara Galdzinska-Calik and Marta Patena, Poland

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                                                                                                                                             Photos by Julio Carmona, PECCEM.
Mdme. Michele Rivasi (centre) and participants in the Brussels discussion.
Participants included: Attendees included: Anna Zucherro, Italy. Frank Wilhelm Berner,  Isaac Jamieson, Scotland, John Weigel, Ireland, Mona Nilsson Kövamees Vincent Lauer, France Julio  Carmona, Spain, Nele Robberechts, Belgium, Marta Patena, Poland, Barbara Gałdzińska-Calik, Poland, Livio Giuliani, Italy, Paulo João Vieira Vale, Portugal, Pierre-Marie Theveniaud, France.

Vincent Lauer, an engineer from Nantes, France, indicated the June 24 has been selected as a day of action to alert the public to the dangers of microwave radiation. 

375 groups from around the world unite to inform EU of dangers of 'Project Loon'

 Mdme. Rivasi was presented with the petition from groups concerned about the activities of Google anf the drones programme announced by Facebook.

The petition presented to Mdme. Rivasi states, in part: We know that millions of people in the developed world have already become functionally disabled, due to the electromagnetically polluted environments produced by terrestrially based wireless communication infrastructures. Many persons have been forced to flee their homes and jobs, experiencing great difficulties finding a safe and sustainable place to live. Some have sought refuge in remote areas where wireless internet is spotty or nonexistent.With the deployment of Project Loon and other space-based wireless communications projects proposed or underway, and the Project’s widespread deployment of microwave radiation, such  persons will have no place to go.

For full text see attached PDF.
Additional Endorsements for petition to Mme. Rivasi, MEP

Hello John,

Sarah Dacre sent around an email about your efforts in respect of Project Loon. I don't know if there is anything I can do to help, but morally I am behind you 100%.
Google and Facebook, and I believe one of the other major Silicon Valley players, have such arrogance, feeling that because they CAN do it, they WILL do this, and simply ignore any objections as being of the loony fringe. Silicon Valley is enamoured of the technology, but who gives them the right to force it upon the rest of humanity?
With my very best wishes,
Don Dennis
Achamore House
Isle of Gigha, Argyll   
Don Dennis <>
Good luck John – how can Google even contemplate such an atrocity.
100% support
Una  Gibbons in Oman

Testimony of Mary Coales, electrosensitive
ES-UK has passed to me, among others, your paper for the EU on Project Loon.  I write to say that I fully support it.  My circumstances are that I was rendered particularly sensitive to wi-fi, and also to mobile phone signals, among other forms of electromagnetic radiation, by exposure to a chemical agent (builders’ foam containing isocyanates), in 2012.  I am a former senior UK civil servant, and first reacted to this chemical in 1988, in a refurbished Government building.  The second major, accidental, exposure turned on sensitivity to wi-fi.  Why this should be I have no idea.  However, now I am very restricted in where I can go, and have had to give up my (second) career as a tour guide.

My primary symptom is severe pain in my tongue. Most of the time I can avoid or minimise the pain it if I avoid the stimuli as far as possible, and this means, for example, that even visiting neighbours’ houses I have to ask them in advance to switch off their transmitting machinery.  My neighbours in the house attached to mine are luckily helpful. I wear a clothing layer of protective netting (manufactured for occupational protection to radiofrequency radiation), when in unfamiliar or problem places.

I spend a lot of time in the countryside well away from wi-fi, and this brings relief and recuperation.  If wi-fi from the sky is beamed everywhere there will be no-where I can go for relief.  It seems completely unreasonable to do this.
You may use this email or the details from it as a case in point should you so wish.  I can provide more details on demand.
Mary Coales <>

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Mdme. Rivasi, MEP, accepts the petition from around the world signed by groups and citizens around the world expressing concerns about the proliferation of microwave radiation.

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