Monday, January 11, 2016

Letter to Congressmen: Stop Loon Project

Letter to Congressmen: Stop Loon Project

I have combined Libbey's letter to  European Commission in Brussels and my thoughts to meet the 5000 character limitation in many Congressional website Contact Forms. A longer version is attached for some Congressional websites have no limitation. Feel free to use any, all or none  of it. 

Evelyn Savarin


RE: Google X Loon Sky Based WIFI Project

I ask Congress
1)     To Halt all current and proposed Google X Loon Sky Based WIFI  Deployments in the U.S.
2)     To Implement  a  NEPA Review process on Google X Loon project
3)     To investigate all public or private Sky Based WIFI /Cellular projects underway and being consider in the U.S.
4)     To reinstate funding authority to the EPA to once more oversee our RF health and safety regulations as they pertain to human and environmental health.
The Google Loon project Endangers to Public Health and Aviation Safety.
I bring to your attention that Google Inc. has applied for an experimental license from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to implement an internet/communication wireless network of balloons called “Project Loon”, over the United States beginning on January 1, 2016. Project Loon is already operating on an experimental basis in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, United States and other locations. Google states that it plans through Project Loon to deploy a global wireless communications network to both the developed world and the most remote parts of the Earth. The FCC and other U.S. Government agencies have granted approval to Google to begin Project Loon “experimentation” on an expedited basis. However, such approval has prevented the level of scrutiny, public notice and review that a proposal of this size and scope warrants. This expedited process may have subverted critical analyses required to ensure that environmental protection and aviation safety standards are met. (1)
1.  Threats to Aviation Safety
Having initiated their first experimental deployments in New Zealand on June 2013,  reported cases alone have identified 5 incidents of  unplanned and untargetted  landings. One has to ask how many more have gone unreported? What will the ensuing risks to planes in flight with the frequency of ascents and descents  that the Loon technology requires? (2)
2.  Google Loon  Project represents a Risk to Environmental and Public Health, and a Sustainable Livelihood

Dating back 50 years, 1000 of scientific studies have reported a multitude of biological and  health effects occurring  at  radiation levels well below national and international RF/Microwave safety standards. Given the compelling scientific evidence demonstrating harm, numerous governments, scientific authorities and institutional boards in this country and abroad have been compelled to act. They have petitioned for or enacted more protective controls  and safety measures to safeguard the population from  growing documented risks of  proliferating wireless radiating devices and infrastructure. For a complete list see the below referenced links (3)
Many of us have become sick or functionally challenged by the growth wireless & electromagnetic radiation technologies. We have been force to seek refuge in remote areas where wireless internet and wireless communication is spotty or nonexistent. With the deployment of Project Loon and other space-based microwave wireless communications projects proposed or underway,  we will have no place to go or live to maintain some type of fruitful quality of life
I ask my congressional representative to take up this urgent matter in the name of  Aviation Safety and to avoid the potentially irreversible damage to the Environment  and public  Health.
Reference Links
(1) The Google Project & Specs
(2) Miscalculated Landings
(3) Biological Effects of Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency/Microwave Radiaition Wireless Technologies  and Worldwide Actions
Ibid, (3)

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