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New York Times’ Exposé: CDC’s Retraction of Warnings about Cell Phone Radiation

New York Times’ Exposé: CDC’s Retraction of Warnings about Cell Phone Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, January 1, 2016

Today The New York Times published an exposé about the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) retraction of warnings about cell phone radiation.

In June 2014, the CDC issued a public warning about the potential health risks from cell phone radiation, “We recommend caution in cellphone use.” The warning included a statement regarding the potential risks to children from cell phone use. Ten weeks later, the CDC withdrew the warning.

The Times obtained more than 500 pages of CDC internal records which revealed considerable disagreement among scientists and other health agencies about what to tell the public.

Even though the CDC had spent three years creating the new warning, the agency was unprepared for the publicity it received. For example, a public official from Vermont raised the potential liabilities for schools and libraries that allow use of cellphones and wireless technology.

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety and Microwave News originally reported on this controversy in August, 2014.

For a summary of the article and links to The Times article and prior reports go to:

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