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Dementia Data by Country - USA worst.

Dementia Data by Country - USA worst.

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I've made 2 new (and better) summary charts in the email attached below.  Revised Excel file attached.  Feel free to use and forward - just remove my email address before doing.  Thanks. I also received comments about this study, and here they are:

Una St. Clair (C4ST): Isn't Finland a leader in technology, and all things wireless? Ericsson is from Finland (I think...). Increases in places like Portugal which are so astounding could be related to very backward and "natural" lifestyle, now corrupted completely.

David Morrison: Finland also has the highest rate of type 1 diabetes in the world so it might have to do with low vitamin D levels in that country.  alzheimer's has been called type 3 diabetes.  that seems to fit with the nora volkow study for NIH that found blood glucose metabolism in the brain was affected by microwaves from cell phones.  i don't think there were any conclusions drawn from that study though.

Arthur Firstenburg: Finland is high because of Russian radar.  Finland has long been in the line of fire of Russia's missile defense radars across the border. I just did a quick search and came up with this:, regarding the re-opening of a military radar base  that was closed for several years, and the planned installation of lots more radar facilities.  I also recall that northern Finland, the area directly across the border from the Russian radars, has always had a much higher cancer rate than the rest of Finland (It might have been John Goldsmith who pointed that out.)

Chris Ives: I wonder if these studies could also track Vitamin D3/K2 intake? Dr. Belpomme found that 70& of his EHS patients had chronic deep D3 deficiency. Also need to track global dimming (pollution and chemtrails) which of course impacts on our own natural production of D3. Sunscreens don't help either, nor do low E windows. Go ask Virginia Salares. One example (as I recall) was Hong Kong which was getting >55% less solar incident flux. The other thought is about REDOX potential in water - water should provide us with some spare electrons.

Dr. Karl Maret: I have also plotted this data but just for the USA in the 2 age groups and compared it to the cancer and circulation data for the 20 year difference.  Thought you might find this helpful since it makes the difference between the US and the other 20 Western countries more obvious.  I believe it is in part part of the wireless technology influence among other likely environmental  factors including toxicology.  (If you want to use Dr. Maret's charts below, please contact him for permission.  Thanks)

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From: Angela Cinader
Date: Wed, Jan 20, 2016 at 4:58 PM
Subject: Dementia Data by Country - USA worst.

Last week I sent out a link to a Washington Post article that was published in August 2015 about a 21-country study that found people are developing dementia a decade earlier compared to 20 years ago (2010 vs. 1990) The disease is now being regularly diagnosed in people in their late 40s and death rates from early onset dementia are soaring.  The study found that deaths caused by neurological disease had risen significantly in adults aged 55 to 74 in many countries and more than doubled in the over-75 population overall.  The problem was particularly acute in the United States, where neurological deaths in men aged over 75 have nearly tripled and in women increased more than fivefold.  The rate of increase in such a short time suggested a silent or even a hidden epidemic, in which environmental factors must play a major part, not just aging.”  The environmental factors cited included chemical pollution and increased background electromagnetic fields (which includes wireless radiation).  In the US the Telecommunications Act was passed in 1996, and cell towers have increased several fold since then (Cell Towers in 1998: 66,000.   2013: 300,000. ) .  Dr. Gerd Oberhard, Public Health Dept. of Salzburg, Austria, specifically warned about the effects of RF radiation including neurodegenerative diseases years ago, here 

I plotted the data by country and combined the male and female data.  The resulting graphs are very concerning.  Finland and USA have the highest neurological deaths in all age groups.  USA used to be ranked #17 for neurological deaths in the age 55-74 group and #11 for the age >75 group from 1989-1991, but 20 years later in 2010 USA is now ranked #2 in both age groups. Compared to 20 years ago, neurological deaths have increased significantly in the age>75 group, in ALL countries, ranging from 22% (Greece) tohighest at 412% (USA).  In the age 55-74 group, US had the second highest increase of neurological deaths at 64%, meaning neurological diseases are starting earlier.  11 other countries (Finland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Japan) also showed increases.  But not all countries showed increases in early-onset neurological diseases.  6 countries actually showed declines - UK, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, France.  See charts below.

For death rates from neurological diseases to increase this much over a 20 year period and for it to start a decade earlier is very serious and warrants investigation by government and health agencies.  Something in the environment is the cause.  Also note that this data is based on comparison from six years ago in 2010 to 20 years before that.  The situation is probably worse now.

Angela Cinader

1) Overall >age 75 (data from Table 2 of the study)
Highest Increases: USA 412%, Denmark 322%, Portugal 336%, Finland 219%, Sweden 212%, Norway 206%
Overall Average Increase: 151%!

Inline image 1

2) Overall  ages 55-74 (data from Table 1 of the study)
Highest Increases:  Greece 75%, USA 64%, Portugal 60%, Finland 48%, Denmark 44%
Decreases: UK -13%, Belgium -11%, Austria -9%, Netherlands -7%, France -2%, Ireland -4%
Overall Average Increase: 15%

Inline image 2

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