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Get Wired - An Electrosmog Conference in Sussex, UK on Sunday, 1st November.

Get Wired - An Electrosmog Conference in Sussex, UK on Sunday, 1st November.

Get Wired - An Electrosmog Conference in Sussex on Sunday, 1st November.
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Beneficial Environments and Stop Smart Meters are jointly hosting a conference in Bolney, near Haywards Heath on Sunday 1st November, 9.30am to 3.30pm.  Join us for a day of presentations and expert panel discussions with scientists, medical doctors, academics and researchers, on the implications of wireless technology and electro-pollution and the steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.

Why I believe that attending Get Wired 2015 is so important and why its focus is right for its time — it is about how we get to safer, healthier living.  By our conference chair, Prof. Victor Newman PhD.

As an innovation specialist with a personal interest in the health risks associated with 'electrosmog', it is obvious to me that playing adversarial victim games is unlikely to deliver the systemic change that we require.  And, in an age of increasing digital connectivity, it is also obvious that this change must engage telecoms and electronics companies in making safer products.  Change in both respects is both necessary and inevitable.

Corporate politics tends toward investing in expensive, defensive behaviours to maintain market share; by attacking critics instead of by innovating, by generating doubt over science instead of by creating competitive advantage through new, safer and superior products.  The present path is one of ignorance, denial and short-termism; whilst the path we need to take involves informed, long-term thinking and responsible, leadership.

It could be that the fear of class action lawsuits destroying shareholder value in companies and national prestige is holding much of the industry back.  It could be that for a long time, directors at Volkswagen — at the highest level — felt that they had no choice but to continue their emissions test charade — because to take responsibility, to admit to it and to take action would expose them to charges of complicity, personal liability and consequences.

And so our strategy vis-a-vis artificial EMF pollution now, must be to help these industrial turkeys adopt intelligent and enlightened forms of self-interest — by helping them to vote for a new kind of Christmas, and to collaborate by becoming part of the solution.  To do otherwise is to hold onto an unsustainable, irresponsible and obsolete past, the grip on which becomes weaker with every new, peer-reviewed scientific journal paper.

We must demand, inform, and help, industry to take the initiative, and to change current product standards — without waiting to be forced by statute or scandal.  There is simply too much at stake.

I look forward to meeting you.


The speakers are:
  • Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe – Erica is a UK-trained medical doctor with expertise in emergency trauma medicine.
  • Dr MARTIN BLANK, PHD - Columbia University.  Author of "Overpowered".
  • Dr Elizabeth Evans MA, MBBS, DRCOG - Elizabeth trained as medical doctor at Cambridge University and Imperial College, London.
  • PAULA HEALY, MSc - Paula obtained her MSc in Neuroscience from the University of Sussex in 2012.
  • ROY RIGGS BSc - Roy is certified by the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology as an electromagnetic energy consultant.
  • GUY HUDSON, MInstP - Guy is an experienced physicist who is passionate about reducing electrosmog, not least, because he is electrosensitive.
  • Prof VICTOR NEWMAN, PhD – Victor is an Innovation Practitioner and Visiting Professor in Innovation at Open, Greenwich and CCC universities, mentor to SILK, CIO to Institute for Study of Zombie Organizations.
  • MIKE MITCHAM - Mike is the creator of Get Wired and co-founder of Stop Smart Meters! UK.

Tickets are £20 or £10 if you have a low income.  Lunch is an optional extra at £10 each.  It will be vegan curries and salads provided by Mama Ghanoush of Hurstpierpoint.

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