Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Candidates Who Care

Candidates Who Care 

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mps that care
In June 2015 the Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP on the Parliamentary Health Committee unanimously voted to educate and protect Canadians from the growing concern around wireless radiation.
We are asking all candidates running for Member of Parliament, if elected, to agree to support efforts to work with Health Canada and other appropriate agencies and organizations to:
• Develop an awareness campaign relating to the safe use of wireless technologies, such as cell phones and Wi-Fi, in key environments such as the school and home. (see official HESA recommendation)
 Investigate, and potentially adopt, measures taken in other countries to limit the exposure of vulnerable populations, including infants, and young children in the school environment to radiofrequencies. (see official HESA recommendation)
• Improve the testing, diagnosis, treatment and data collection regarding electromagnetic hypersensitivity and its possible impact on health in the workplace. (see official HESA recommendation)
 Establish a system to report potential adverse reactions to radiofrequency fields. (see official HESA recommendation)

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