Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Permitting Requirements for Placing Cell Phone Antennas on New or Existing Light Poles/Utility Poles in Public

From: Donna Dixon [
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 11:07 AM 
Subject: Permitting Requirements for New or Existing Light Poles/Utility Poles in Public ROW
Hello To All,
My name is Donna Dixon, and I am reaching out to you on behalf of a company called Mobilitie, which is a certified public utility and registered CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) telecommunications provide r. As a CLEC, Mobilitie is interested in utilizing its usury rights to place a handful of utility poles in the right of way at various locations in XYZ TOWN each mounted with an individual small cell antenna. As a developing technology, small cell solutions expand network coverage and capacity at discreet locations for wireless carriers, require only limited infrastructure to be installed at a property, and don't require dedicated space for head-end equipment, high power demands, or any HVAC equipment. Mobilitie would plan to install a pole, an antenna, the equipment, and a meter at each site, though there will be no ground equipment 
We are still in the information gathering/planning stages for the project, so the purpose of this email is to introduce myself and attempt to outline your permitting process in detail, as well as identify the proper point of contact to begin discussions regarding the deployment of these critical network upgrades in ways that are acceptable for these townships.  While I know that there are multiple poles proposed, I don't yet have exact proposed locations or equipment specs, since those details are usually put off until initial contact with each jurisdiction is made so that we can ensure compliance with local codes and ordinances.
Can you please confirm or complete the following general questions?
1.       Can a new pole be permitted?  
2.       Can a replacement pole be permitted?  
3.       Can there be an attachment to an existing pole. If yes, who are the pole owners? 
4.       Is there a maximum pole height requirement?
5.     Is a Franchise Agreement required?
5.       What other types of documents are needed for permitting?  (Utility, BP, Electrical, Special Use, etc.)
Note:  I have also attached sample photos of what the small cell sites look like.
If you could please confirm the proper POC(s) to begin discussions, I’d appreciate it. I can be reached via email or by phone at 630-805-2400. I look forward to hearing from you.    
Thank you for your time.
Donna Dixon   |   NRE Specialist
120 South Riverside - 18th Floor | Chicago, IL  60606      
630-805-2400  mobile  | 

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