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The Dr. Toril Jelter Protocol for Reducing Wireless Radiation & Improving Autism Symptoms

The Dr. Toril Jelter Protocol for Reducing Wireless Radiation & Improving Autism Symptoms


Dr. Toril Jelter in California has pioneered a simple protocol to reduce exposure to constant sources of wireless radiation and electrical noise. Over 80% of her patients show measurable improvement in 2 weeks.  This protocol is simple enough that you can do it on your own:

Turn these four common sources of constant wireless radiation and electrical noise off at night for at least 12 hrs:

1) Baby monitors: Unplug for the duration of the trial.

2) Cordless phone base stations: Unplug the cordless phone base station (the largest unit that usually has the answering machine and physical phone line going into it.) Some people put this on an electrical timer.

3) Wi-Fi: Use a timer for the plug or software configuration to turn off at night.
4) Bedroom electrical circuit breaker: Find the circuit breaker that controls the electrical outlets in the child's bedroom.  Turning that off at night will reduce the majority of exposure to field effects and electrical noise (commonly called "dirty electricity").

Before you do these things, you may want to get some baseline data on your child. Take a few photos and some videos to document how your child moves.  Dr. Jelter asks her parents to fill out this survey before the trial and again after two weeks.

What to Expect

The majority of children will slowly and steadily improve as they sleep better.  We know that wireless exposure can drive down melatonin, glutathione and increase oxidation and inflammation.  For most children, removing this constant interference allows their bodies to heal and become more coherent.  A small number of children will show a dramatic improvement after just a few nights of sleeping well.  One non-verbal autistic boy actually spoke a complete sentence for the first time after 3 days on this protocol.
83% of the children in Dr. Jelter's trials have shown measurable improvement after just 2 weeks, and the improvement continued on for months after the trial.  The 2 week trial was designed to convince skeptical parents, many of them who are engineers in high tech, that this would work.  Once they see that it does, they often go on to reduce other sources of wireless and EMF.  

Full text:

More than 550 studies link autism to wireless exposure, discovered Dre Martha Herbert who teaches neurology at Harvard U

André Fauteux, Editor/Publisher
La Maison du 21e siècle Magazine 

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