Monday, July 13, 2015

EMF Updates from John Weigel

EMF Updates from John Weigel

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lidl, the European supermarket chain, is now requiring check-out staff to wear wi-fi enabled head sets. This begs the question of what could be so "mission critical" to require supermarket staff to wear electromagnetic equipment. 
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 Lidl retains the right to operate its business (and employees) as it sees fit. No company has the right to expose customers and the general public to radiation of any description.

 It is relevant that the change in responsibilities for air and sea defence to cyber-security have been vested in the Irish Army by a ministerial decision. Simon Coveney, a former guest of the Bilderberg group, was appointed as Minister for Defence as part of a cabinet reshuffle in July 2014. As Minister for Agriculture he advocated imposition of the "American model" for agriculture which has seen a dramatic increase in corporate ownership of farms. This policy is consistent with U.N. Agenda 21 which calls for rural depopulation.

 Evidence of the Wall Street Journal's story, "Smart Cities will know everything about you," (see link below) is happening now in the Co. Dublin borough of Dun Laoghaire where "Free wi-fi" is being installed by the South Dublin Co. Council.

 As with Lidl and the Irish military, the establishment of Smart Cities is being achieved by administrators using their executive positions to impose a system no one asked for and without discussion by public representatives  or members of the public themselves.

 These are examples of what has come to be recognized as "leadership beyond authority".

Kind regards,
John Weigel

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