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EHS triggers

EHS triggers

While the underlying cause isn’t clear, the triggers are numerous. 

Dr. Heather McKinney attended a American Environmental Health Foundation (AEHF) and the University of North Texas Health Science Center conference in Dallas. The topic was The Chemical Mechanisms Leading to Electro-sensitivity. If you are dealing with chemical and/or electro-sensitivity, you will be heartened to hear about the progress in diagnosing and treating this, and related, conditions.
Dr. McKinney reports:
Physicians, researchers, scientists, nutritionists, counselors, and patients met to better understand and address the physiological signs and symptoms of electro-sensitivity. Their summary: the body is an electrical system that acts as an antenna – absorbing and receiving various information and sensations, including electro-magnetic fields from wired and wireless technologies. Health professionals from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, the UK, and the USA discussed:
Testing strategies: heart rate variability, blood sugar, live blood analysis, heavy metal test/hair analysis, mold/allergy testing, and lymphocyte sensitivity.
Triggers: environmental and chemical stress, mold, thermal changes (exposure to heat/cold), sun spots, certain foods.
Signs and Symptoms: poor circulation, skin changes, tremors, migraines, seizures, rapid heartbeat, diabetes, MS, chronic fatigue, asthma, allergies, food sensitivities/intolerance, memory fog, Alzheimer’s and autism.
Possible ES Treatments: decreasing exposure, drinking lots of pure water, adrenal and immune support, vitamins/supplements including magnesium and Vitamins B, C and D, hormone support, removing mercury fillings (with strict controls), acupuncture, chiropractic and other energy therapies, meditation, yoga, deep breathing techniques, homeopathy, Epsom salt baths, rotation diet, medically-supervised chelation and decreased exposure to metals.

Certainly, Dr Dominique Belpomme says 50% of those who develop EMF intolerance syndrome abused their cell or cordless phone
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