Monday, May 11, 2015

Canadian Medical Association Journal - Scientists decry Canada's outdated WiFi safety rules

Canadian Medical Association Journal - Scientists decry Canada's outdated WiFi safety rules

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The Canadian Medical Association Journal has made a strong statement about the inadequacy of Canadian Safety Code 6 (remarkably similar to the outdated FCC RF limits) - "Scientists decry Canada's outdated WiFi safety rules"

"Canadian Medical Association Journal reports Health Canada's Wireless Limits are A Disaster to Public Health

Please ask doctors in your acquaintance to work on getting their medical associations to begin evaluating the literature on RF environmental and health effects so they can propose RF safety limits that truly protect public health and the environment.  An excellent resolution with supporting references can be found at  The California Medical Association only passed two of the resolution points in modified form, omitting passage of the very important resolution to form the Task Force.    

Setting safety limits should not be left to engineers as has been done for the last 60+ years.  The FCC must adopt safety limits recommended by a qualified organization so medical organizations have the potential to have a huge influence - their recommendations could be the ones adopted.  Previously the only organizations involved in making recommendations were engineering organizations.  Medical organizations could also help apply pressure to Congress to hold hearings about the adequacy and protectiveness of existing FCC RF safety limits and why it is taking so long to update them, similar to the Canadian hearings.  

There is certainly enough information about non-thermal biological effects to set initial precautionary limits almost immediately so that public health and safety are better protected.  Then, a review of additional research can be completed every couple of years and the levels adjusted again as more data becomes available.  

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