Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Digital Detox Concert

Article in the Times 26.5.15 ...."Pop festival fans turn off and tune in":
More than 1,500 people spent the bank holdiday weekend at one of hte first festivals of the summer - but there wasn't a tweet or a selfie to prove it.
The crowd gathered for Britain's first 'digital detoxing' event, a phone-free celebration organised by Unplugged Weekend. Using a phone was impossible at the Innocent Unplugged festival in Kent woodland.  There was no wi-fi no 3G signal and electricity was generated by solar or pedal power.
...Lucy Pearson and Vikki Bates two twenty somethings from London founded the weekend last year after meeting on a meditative trip to the Sahara.  they organise workshops and retreats throughout Britain and Europe.
Theri trips consist of yoga and music encouraging a technology-obsessed generation to turn off its phones.  they said "While we embrace all things digital...there's a lot to be gained from taking time out to go gadget free"
Has anyone heard of these? One to follow up?
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