Monday, March 09, 2015

Newsletter from International EMF Alliance

Newsletter from International EMF Alliance

Dear all, 
As you all know the SCENIHR working group on Potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) strikingly lacks of pluralism and transparency. 
Consequently, it is not a surprise that its recent opinion is strongly biased towards corporate, military and economic interests with a strategic need for wireless techniques. 
If you want to act we invite you to: 
---> SIGN the enclosed common press release before March 10 at 9 am (GMT+1) 
You can also (translate it and) send it to your national media contacts on Mars 10, adding the contact data and logo of your organisation. If you see this message after deadline, please answer anyway, for following versions, further common actions and for the IEMFA website. (It we don't receive enought signatories in time we might postpone the deadline. But please sign ASAP, the sooner we spread this pressrelease, the better!) 
---> JOIN a petition to the European Commission and a complaint to the European Ombudsman 
Please add: our organisation also wants to sign the upcoming petition and complaint to the European Ombudsman based on the same arguments. 
---> ANALYSE another chapter of the SCENIHR final opinion 
Please step forward if you're willing to contribute to further actions (petition and complaint), by making an analysis of bias and omissions of other chapters of the SCENIHR final opinion than the ones regarding brain tumours and EHS. 
Please send your signature by contacting or
Format: Your organisation, country
Name of a contact person +

Best wishes, 
The NGO working group on SCENIHR 
Mona Nilsson, Janine le Calvez, Alasdair Philips, Sophie Pelletier, Kerstin Stenberg 
Representing 5 organisations under the IEMFA umbrella
PS. You will find Enclosure 1, 4 and 5 attached to this email. The work on Enclosure 2, analysing SCENIHR's opinion on EHS and Enclosure 3 on the experts past and present history, is going on. The signatories will receive them before deadline together with the "final" version (without the word Final in the title), including the names of all signing organisations.

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