Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cell Addiction Failures in Mormon Missionaries

Cell Addiction Failures in Mormon Missionaries

Reports of very high and increasing levels of failure in young LDS/ Mormon Missionaries….required to live without cell phones for the two year duration of their service…are now surfacing, dovetailing exactly with the Wireless Radiation Stimulus Addiction/ Cross Addiction issues in AA/ recovery programs, employee dysfunctions and increasingly attaining medical verification of abuse affect mechanisms.

Coincident with many of the incapabilities for withdrawl from wireless stimulus sources are the also increasing incapacities to relate to others.  The "Two Dimensionalization" of the "Delete" Generation has left a populace who no longer can communicate or recognize facial expressions or relate to human emotions…now limited to contact through texting exclusively.  The result in terms of disablements in missionary work should be obvious here.

Attached in pdf form below is a 6 page letter to the World President of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in Salt Lake City, Utah and other Mormon leaders filling in the blanks explaining what is being seen, what causes it and what to do…including utilizing all LDS Church Property as Fiber Optic/Hardwired White Zones with strict wireless and cell phone bans in place.

If you know others within the LDS constituency, please pass this correspondence along.  Thank you

Gary Duncan

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