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To assist with a fair and balanced discussion, our focus is primarily upon the side of the story you may not hear from industry and their sympathetic government regulators. In addition to relaying the latest news from contacts worldwide, our group offers a range of free community-oriented services. These include educational literature, audiovisual presentations, and a DVD containing thousands of scientific studies on the adverse effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Further details, and our disclaimer, can be found at the bottom of this page.
Invasion of the NBN Towers

Alien technology looking for a home.

What is 60 metres tall with red and white stripes, a flashing red light on top, and spews microwaves 24/7? It's the fixed wireless internet tower proposed for Lynwood NSW. The provider, NBN Co., reportedly accused one resident of "being selfish" for not wanting it in their backyard. However, it now seems the Civil Aviation Safety Authority deems the tower, in spite of its glaring presence, would be an unacceptable air traffic hazard. Ballina Shire Council appears reluctant to grant approval. So who agreed to host this otherworldly intruder on their land? A very elderly couple said to be in financial need and describing the NBN Co. rep as "a very nice man in a suit with a briefcase". I wonder if the very nice man told them the tower could possibly decrease the value of their property, affect their health, and involve spending nearly half of the lease proceeds on public liability insurance.

Tweed Shire

In a meeting of Tweed Shire Council on 19 February, the following motion was voted down 4 to 2. "Proposed: That Council seeks support from the Federal and State Government to address any visual and environmental concerns raised by the community in regard to NBN and telecommunications infrastructure." Maybe NBN Co. should avail themselves of the Councillors who objected to this inoffensive wording and build a tower on their front lawn.

The countdown is underway for a show-down between residents' group Towerless NBN for Maleny and a proposed tower in the hinterland. On 17 December 2014 NBN, Ericsson and Aurecon advised that they would be back to announce the chosen sites in the first quarter of 2015. Afterward, NBN Co will lodge the Development Applications with the Sunshine Coast Council. The group is preparing draft objection documents that will assist property owners and others to develop their own objections. They are demanding a service at the same standard that will be provided in Maleny town and other major population areas nearby, e.g. fibre optic cables and copper cables. A petition against the tower, signed by 419 people, was the first item on the 2 March Hansard report from the House of Representatives.;fileType=application%2Fpdf

Coffs Harbour

Residents near Coff's Harbour have been given until March to find a provider for their NBN supplied wireless home phone service. The copper cables are being decommissioned. No other choice or opt-out has been offered. Subscription to this service involves every customer accepting a microwave-emitting antenna on their rooftop. A recent measurement within several rooms of an already connected home resulted a peak reading of 5mW/m2. Welcome to your new energetically disturbed living space.

Clothiers Creek
There has been a long and well-organised campaign to stop this NBN tower. Now construction has begun and is scheduled to be completed within three weeks. Not to be deterred, protesters have been able to hold up work for a few hours each morning by blocking access to the workers. From the photo, it looks like the symbolic portable toilet is also having trouble being off-loaded. This is one group who have obtained clinical blood tests. For more on this procedure, see below.

There is a rally to stop the tower at 9am on Monday 9 March and all are invited to attend and show their support.
 Directions from Murwillumbah, drive North on the Old Highway to the Condong Mill. Turn east, to the right at Clothiers Creek Road and drive to the top of the ridge. Turn right at the top into Hammond Drive. It is at a dangerous intersection with mirrors. If you start going downhill you have gone too far. The site is less than a kilometer along the ridge.

Tower Protests.

As reported in previous issues of this newsletter, before-and-after live blood analysis is possibly one way to substantiate if a person's health has been compromised by a new tower. Here is how it works.

Blood Tests Sent to NBN Co. to Thwart Tower Plans.,blood-tests-sent-to-nbn-co-to-thwart-tower-plans.aspx

Exposure to EMR may cause blood cells to clump together and distort as shown above.
Growing Opposition
NBN Towers Anger Residents and Sen. Andrew Wilkie.

NBN Tower on Mount Camel Axed by Aboriginal Quarry.

Coalition Would Stop the NBN Towers.

Prompted by complaints from their electorate, several Green and Independent politicians are actively campaigning for communities to have more say in the siting of telecommunication facilities. 
This statement, attributed to NBN Co., typifies a one-sided approach toward community consultation. "NBN Co community engagement activities are designed to ensure that landowners, tenants, businesses, local government and end-users are kept informed of NBN activities and the roll-out process in their local community.
In the current edition of Nimbin Good Times, the Nimbin Environment Centre put forth their updated position on phone towers. "Even though there is no total agreement at NEC on the effect of mobile phone towers, the majority of members are concerned after hearing both sides of the argument, that the unrestricted and liberal use of telephone towers causes a health risk to the general public and certain individuals in particular. We are of the view that there are too many unknowns to be embracing this technology without exercising caution. The concept of the precautionary principle must apply here." 

It was recently announced that twice the number of NBN towers would be needed than first planned. This would have been a logical opportunity to scale back the whole project. Unfortunately, Australia may soon have a new Prime Minister in the form of Malcolm Turnbull. He was the guiding hand in replacing the Labor Party's plan for a universal fibre optic network with a "cheaper" patchwork of electro-polluting wireless and satellite. You can find out if a tower is planned for your locality by visiting this official website.
Apart from wireless internet, additional carriers can share an erected NBN mast. Approval relates primarily to "visual amenity" and not the abundance of scientifically valid health risks beyond the limited scope of government safety standards. Co-location means fewer towers and infrastructure savings, but proportionately higher EMR within a confined area. Telstra and Optus Co-build Mobile Towers.

In addition to the above, the 4G LTE platform used by NBN incorporates over 40 discrete frequency bands. Any of these can be brought into service when congestion inevitably occurs, thereby potentially emitting as many times the amount of radiation. NBN Fixed Wireless Earmarked 3.5GHz Turnbull.

Spare a thought for the citizens of Spain who will now be forced by law to accept installation of telecommunications infrastructure on their private property.
Telco Insurer Bails Out

You don't afford a headquarters like this by ignoring an unacceptable risk.

Lloyd's of London often leads the way in protection, taking on risks that no one else will. However, the writing is on the wall (floor and ceiling) regarding the now unstoppable momentum of litigation over EMR. They have now formally excluded any liability coverage for injuries, directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise. In response to a request for clarification, this was received on February 18, 2015 from CFC Underwriting LTD, London, UK agent for Lloyd's:
The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous long-term non-ionizing radiation exposure i.e. through mobile phone usage.

Directors Insurance applies to people who are performing their duties in good faith. But are they still protected when they have been Willfully Blind by closing their eyes to the pleas from scientists and medical experts who have warned them over and over again of health risks?
In good faith. In contract law, the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing is a general presumption that the parties to a contract will deal with each other honestly, fairly, and in good faith, so as to not destroy the right of the other party or parties to receive the benefits of the contract.

Willful blindness (sometimes called ignorance of law, willful ignorance or contrived ignorance or Nelsonian knowledge) is a term used in law to describe a situation in which an individual seeks to avoid civil or criminal liability for a wrongful act by intentionally putting him or herself in a position where he or she will be unaware of facts that would render him or her liable.
RF/Microwave Radiation Risk Awareness.
Smart Meters - Questioning Safety
Compulsory installation of "smart" electricity meters is now under increased scrutiny due to an alleged culture of illegality within utility giant Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). Evidence has surfaced of possible collusion between the company and former California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey. This is the company that suggested aggrieved homeowners take Prozac. Here are two related articles from the Take Back Your Power website.

Read the recently released internal emails here and judge for yourself.

Safety first or wishful thinking? NBN's Bill Morrow, former President of PG&E.

Mr. Morrow is reported to be the subject of inquiry in the US regarding alleged safety lapses during his tenure as President of Pacific Gas and Electric. It is of particular relevance that he is now CEO of Australia's NBN Co., due to which the safety of wireless microwave transmissions has become a contentious issue. "Mr. Morrow is one of 22 former and current PG&E executives and directors named in a consolidated shareholder derivative lawsuit alleged to have placed 'profits over safety' and diverted more than $100 million over 15 years from gas safety and operations." Labor to Grill NBN Chief Bill Morrow Over US Utility PG&E Lawsuit.

Smart Meters - A Pattern of Incompetence and Fraud.

 Smart Meter Problems Force Balwyn North Family Out of Home.

The same situation could soon extend elsewhere. 
We received a report that "routine maintenance" scheduled by the electricity provider in Brisbane may involve an upgrade of existing analogue meters to digital. When they tell you it emits no microwaves, ask them if it can be upgraded to do so at a later date. That makes it a smart meter.

Symptoms Resulting From Exposure to Smart Meters.

Why Smart Meters Are Not a Good Idea.
Advice has been received that compulsory smart meters may represent a breach of human rights, such as defined by International treaties as well as similar wording in the Victoria Human Rights Charter/Act of 2006, point c) "... treatment without his or her full, free and informed consent." The word "treatment" therein referring to the known biological effects of microwaves. Furthermore, their installation is NOT dictated by law, which has to be passed by Parliament, but is only an Order in Council. Hence all Victorians were misled by the smart meter Installers. Even though smart meters emit radiofrequency, electricity, distributors are generally not required to hold a carrier license. Therefore, the low-impact facilities regime in Schedule 3 of the Telecommunications Act does not apply to installation. Residents of other States where smart meters are supposedly "not planned", should be alert for stealth tactics. By virtue of accepting the service, you have already given implied consent. It is not necessary that you be informed or consulted.

Smart Meter Fire Kills 74-year Old man in Dallas, Texas.
4G LTE - A Different Beast
Over the past several months, we have noted increasing complaints from people about a sudden onset of microwave-type health symptoms. Upon examination, this seems to coincide with activation of the 4G network in their area. A longtime conservationist from Nimbin NSW reported that certain wildlife, including bats and small birds, has virtually disappeared from the protected forests on Mount Nardi after its already massive communications tower was upgraded with 4G. So what does the 4G signal contain that 3G does not? In short, added signal strength and complexity.

The image above illustrates the key constituents responsible: multi-band transmission, orthagonal frequency division multiple access, beam steering, and polarisation diversity. 
Designers needed to increase bandwidth in 4G so they also incorporated the capability for multiple in/multiple out (MIMO) "smart antennae". In terms of EMR, this equates to housing four cell phones in one device. 
Apart from increasing exposure levels to the public, the biological effects of such new signal characteristics appear to have received little scrutiny prior to release. Judging by this study, perhaps more should have been done. The Alteration of Spontaneous Low Frequency Oscillations Caused by Acute Electromagnetic Fields Exposure.

"It took 96 hours for plankton to die when exposed to Wi-Fi, 72 hours with 3G, and 48 hours with 4G". Is 4G a Greater Threat to Mankind?

In seeming confirmation of this oversight, 4G roll-outs have inadvertently jammed free-to-air TV in millions of homes worldwide. Apollo Bay VIC is receiving interference from a tower 50Km away on King Island. Our own Mullumbimby is experiencing a similar, as yet unresolved, issue. New Mobile Signals Block TV Reception in Victoria, South Australia Coastal Towns.

Notwithstanding, telco's continue to rely upon "official" safety standards which specify broad frequency bands and ignore other dominant signal parameters altogether. Call it cell phone psychosis, digital dementia or just cognitive impairment, many people are getting dumber by the day as brain damage from years of exposure to phone microwave radiation starts to show. This is obviously not going to get any better with newer 4G phones. Microwave radiation opens the blood-brain barrier and allows toxins and proteins into the brain that contribute to debilitation. There are now people with Alzheimer's like symptoms in their 20's and people dying from it in their 50's.

Here is an illustrated tutorial on 4G LTE for those who want to delve into the technical details.
Leaning Tower of Telstra
As shown in the photos below, the Telstra phone tower in Mullumbimby is under repair. Maybe the added weight from a recent 4G upgrade affected its ability to withstand the recent storm. At the time of this writing, it is being stabilised by concrete slabs and guy wires. Of course if anyone had asked prior, Telstra probably would have given the usual blanket assurance that their structures are absolutely safe and comply with all government regulations. Perhaps the tower was simply embarrassed by its own EMR and decided to start moving itself to a location away from the heavily frequented business district.


Mobile Phones - Reversing the Big Lie

Recent surveys, like the following one, indicate that a high percentage of consumers are now aware of the inherent dangers of mobile phone use.
Terrence Young MP for Oakville, Ontario explains in this presentation why he has introduced a Private Members Bill C-648 which calls for better labeling on cellular phone packaging.

International demand for health warning labels on mobile phones.

Berkeley May Require Cancer Warning Stickers for Cell Phones.

What Health Canada Doesn't say About cell Phones.

Ten research studies that support stricter phone labeling.

Mobile phone users continue to be uninformed of the risk ... until it is too late. "Spending six hours a day on my mobile gave me a brain tumour", claims business executive, 43, who's now been given just three years to live. Read more:

Mobile Phone Use and Brain Tumours in the CERENAT Case-control Study. "Conclusion: These additional data support previous findings concerning a possible association between heavy mobile phone use and brain tumours."

Professor of Oncology Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, and Statistician Michael Carlberg of Orebro University Hospital, Sweden found a 3-fold risk with 25 or more years of cell and cordless phone use in a study published October 2014 in Pathophysiology. Very significant was the finding that people who first used mobile or cordless phones before the age of 20 had the highest risk.

This is the type of study that should have been widely pursued BEFORE microwave-based technology was unleashed upon an unsuspecting public; and yet its deployment accelerates. "The electromagnetic field generated by Nokia 5110 (900MHz) mobile phone does not have a direct impact on the macrometric parameters of bones; however, it alters the processes of bone mineralization and the intensity of bone turnover processes (osteogenesis and bone resorption) and thus influences the mechanical strength of bones."

Scientific Morality
In increasingly desperate efforts at product defense, the telecommunications sector feigns to clothe itself in the aura of mainstream science. This sometimes extends to misrepresenting it, as evidenced by the following article from the complicit media. "Mobile Phones Unlikely to Harm Human Health Scientists Find".
But wait. The actual experiment upon which the article was based makes no mention of mobile phones at all. It was funded by the EMF Biological Research Trust which, according to its own website, was "set up after the privatisation of the electricity supply industry to continue its promotion of external, independent research into the possible biological effects of extremely-low-frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) and their relevance, if any, to human health." In other words, power lines and mains appliances.
As the original research document states, the EMR was applied using permanent magnets, NOT the highly bio-active, digital pulsed microwaves of the mobile telephony network.

This exhaustive professional study on EMR commissioned by the city of Auckland NZ in 1993 apparently resulted in nothing more than its author being fired.

Here is a letter written by Stephen Solomon of ARPANSA. The first sentence in the third paragraph epitomises the kind of double-speak we have come to expect from our so-called "protection agency".

Director Christopher Wild from the International Agency for Cancer (IARC), a part of the WHO, offered this warning for those who have the ears to hear: "It is important that additional research be conducted into the long-term, heavy use of mobile phones. Pending on the availability of such information, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting." Apparently, it is now left up to the consumer to both educate and protect themselves.
Wi-Fi Pandemic

Meet interesting people at the internet cafe.

In certain major European countries, Wi-Fi has been banned from daycare centres, nurseries, and even public schools. Why are there no similar precautions here in Australia? Bryan Seymour of Channel 7 News reports. WiFi Exposure an Epidemic in the Making?

"Dr. Marie-Therese Gibson loved her job. For almost two decades she was principal of Tangara School for Girls in Sydney's northern suburbs and in 2013 won the NSW Parents Council Principal Excellence Award. But Gibson, a life member of the Association of Heads of Independent Girls Schools, gave it all away. For the past 17 months she has lived in Lismore, in Northern NSW, after resigning from her job due to health problems she blames on exposure to Wi-Fi radiation." Something in the Air.

Family Takes refuge From Wi-Fi.
Daily Mail article: Could Wi-Fi Be Harming Health?
Is Wi-Fi Killing Us Slowly?

Libraries are sometimes not the tranquil refuges they used to be. They may be audibly quiet, but energetically screaming. Above is the ceiling-mounted modem at our small Mullumbimby Public Library, which is probably more powerful than it needs to be. Some people have claimed they get headaches and nausea from going in there. Not surprising since peak readings taken at a distance of one metre exceeded 100mW/m2.

Doctors & FCC Conclude WiFi Networks Cause Migraine Headaches.

Wireless Routers Get Warning Signs.

How to motivate your local authority to take Wi-Fi concerns seriously.
An online petition to sign: Australian Schools: Stop Exposing Children to Radiation from Wi-Fi and 3G until long-term exposure is proven harmless.

Randi Zuckerberg on Tech Overload stated. "It's really funny, because three or four years ago, if somebody had said we have no Wi-Fi at our hotel, you would have said, you are not staying there. Now they say, "We have no Wi-Fi, pay us more as a premium service. 
I was on Sydney Harbour watching the lights at Vivid Festival. When I looked around, I realised every, single person was watching it through their phone. I felt like screaming, People you are there, you are at this event, watch it with your eyes not in this little screen on your phone."
 Sky's the Limit

Taking meter readings in-flight. Microwave Wi-Fi Radiation on a Commercial Airplane.

Below is an excerpt from a letter by an informed passenger.
We are deeply concerned about the introduction of Wi-Fi on public aircraft. This is why we will never fly (deleted) again and currently chose (deleted) as our number one carrier. As a carrier whose priority is the safety of their passengers you should know a few things unique to Wi-Fi on planes. The background level of microwave Wi-Fi in our town, next to shops and cafes with Wi-Fi, is 0.1 milliwatts. The EMR in the aisle of a recently measured (deleted) flight was 289 milliwatts (over 2000 times greater). The reason is a synergistic combination of factors, a) The plane's modem are only a minor element, b) The parabolic shape of a plane's fuselage bounces the microwaves back (instead of allowing them to dissipate into space) towards the passengers and crew, magnifying their intensity, like the primary parabolic mirror of a reflecting telescope or radio dish, and c) Each of the passenger transmitting devices multiply the EMR effect again because each one is capable of transmitting kilometers to reach telephone towers. The passenger devices radiate and bounce back (unlike in cafes) creating these high levels.
To shield at least part of their body, some flyers request a seat right next to a window, preferably in a row with no one behind that could be using a tablet or laptop PC on their tray. This also removes one from the concentrating effect that occurs along the centre axis of the cabin. Fellow travelers can be politely asked to disable their internal Wi-Fi modem by putting their device in "airplane mode". Choosing a night flight minimises absorption of solar ionising radiation present at high altitude. Opting out of the x-ray or millimeter wave body scanner at airport security is another way to manage exposure. In some countries like Australia however, irradiation is compulsory by law. Flights can be booked for the busiest time and day. Persons who stand in a long entry queue may be less likely to be randomly selected.
"Scientific Certainty"

History repeating itself? Whatever sells, is "best for you".
It's like the old anecdote of the hen crossing the street, half of the distance at a time. It never actually arrives. Blinded by the profit motive, electro-technology companiescling to the World Health Organisation's denials of scientific certainty surrounding EMR hazards. In spite of ever increasing evidence of harm, this agency did not start tackling the powerful tobacco industry until the 1990's. Challenge for Van Deventer.
Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Human Rights. Commentary to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

A well illustrated slide presentation to the EESC by Dr. Isaac Jamieson. Changing Perspectives - Improving Lives.

"Letter of Notice holding EESC member Richard Adams personally accountable for betraying public trust by ignoring evidence on the hazards of RF/EMF."

"The release of the latest 2015 SCENIHR Opinion (due this week) on the potential health effects of electromagnetic fields is likely to be used by governments and industry as a new 'gold standard opinion' on the current state of EMF science, particularly in Europe. At present all we have is the November 2013 draft for public consultation which contains many omissions, errors and some examples of what we consider to be misinformation. We believe that the final version of this Opinion will still be significantly flawed, especially with regard to electrical hypersensitivity (EHS)." Read the full report by PowerWatch here.

The following article is Prof. Olle Johansonn, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. "Artificial power frequency magnetic fields and microwave radiation affect everyone and everything on the planet. This is science. Those suffering from electrohypersensitivity may merely be the first generation to manifest the symptoms in large numbers; and their numbers are growing."
Here is a comprehensive overview of health findings that should convince just about anyone.

Coincidentally, the Law reform Commission in Australia is holding an inquiry into: Traditional Rights and Freedoms - Encroachments by Commonwealth Laws. Submissions are now closed, but one correspondent offered the following insights regarding the possible negligence of our regulatory agencies. There have also been demands that this important document be re-advertised since the submission period coincided in part with the Christmas holidays. Below is one commentator's view.
This is very relevant pertaining to ARPANSA's radiation standard RPS 3 and maximum limits (which do not protect EHS sufferers or children, or anyone else in the long term) are set under the federal Radiocommunications Act and the human exposure standard. The Telecommunications Act is also one to consider, the way it has allowed mobile masts to be placed anywhere. Also, the NBN Co act which is allowing fixed wireless.

It is clear the Radiocommunications Act and wireless radiation exposure limits made under it are leading to the use and development of technologies that encroach on our right to freedom of movement, our right to enjoyment of our property, amongst other rights (see more in the issues paper) and also, ARPANSA has tried to shift the burden of proof onto us to show that wireless is harmful, when the burden of proof should be on industry and government to show that NBN fixed wireless, smart meters, mobile phones, mobile phone masts, and Wi-Fi in schools are safe.
Here is an information pack designed to help doctors who are presented with patients affected by EMR.

Is EMR Natural?

Map showing worldwide distribution of lightning activity.
One of the arguments made to tout the safety of EMR is that it is emitted naturally by the Sun and Earth. The implication is that if it were toxic, life would not exist, and thus we can all confidently bask in it. First off, solar radiation does contain microwaves, but these are largely screened out by the upper atmosphere. The planet itself produces electromagnetic waves, but in a unique form known as "Schumann resonances". These manifest in the sub-audio domain due to ringing of the Earth-ionosphere cavity by worldwide lightning activity. Because the physical dimensions of the geosphere are relatively constant, the resulting frequencies are stable and follow a diurnal cycle. For this reason, the body has adopted them as a ready-made clocking mechanism to regulate metabolic processes. They also occupy the same bandwidth as human brainwaves, about 8 to 40 cycles per second, which suggests a subliminal channel of bio-behavioural influence.

By contrast, technological EMR is biologically uncorrelated and therefore potentially disruptive. In other words, there is no acquired immunity, alarm mechanism, or positive evolved response. The result is chaos within the body. It is also orders of magnitude greater in intensity than naturally produced fields, and therefore obscures the beneficial background energies that have guided human development for millennia. Some technophiles have blithely suggested the human race will "evolve" to be able to tolerate the increasingly higher levels of artificial radiation in our environment. If this were even possible within the short time frame before we all become severely disabled by it, who is to say we will evolve attributes with fundamental value?

Some researchers believe that electronically replicating Earth frequencies, and reintroducing them at a greater field strength, can over-ride the impact of electropollution. This has resulted in a number of commercial products making just such claims. While these may calm the user on a subjective level, no such emitted field will measurably affect EMR. Of course, the implication is that your body will be helped to cope with it.


Readers wishing to experiment with this concept, at their own risk, can source DIY circuit diagrams on the internet, or create a modulated soundtrack with audio editing software (Audacity, Goldwave, CoolEdit) such as this one. Before playing the video, please read its accompanying text. Schumann Resonance 7.83hz Isochronic Tones, With Underwater Sounds and Whales.


Those of us who elude the ill effects of EMR and advance to old age, may find their mobility scooter taken over by invisible forces. Its immunity level to electromagnetic interference (EMI) is typically around 20Vim. Hence, nearby signals from radio and TV stations, amateur radio (HAM) transmitters, two-way radios, and cellular phones can scramble on-board circuits, resulting in erratic movement or brake release. A list of warnings has been published to reduce the chance of related injuries.
  1. Do not operate hand-held transceivers (transmitters-receivers), such as citizens band (CB) radios, or turn ON personal communication devices, such as cellular phones, while the motorized scooter is turned ON.
  2. Be aware of nearby transmitters, such as radio or TV stations, and try to avoid coming close to them.
  3. If unintended movement or brake release occurs, turn the motorized scooter OFF as soon as it is safe.
  4. Be aware that adding accessories or components, or modifying the motorized scooter, may make it more susceptible to EMI.
  5. Report all incidents of unintended movement or brake release to the distributor listed on the inside front cover of this manual. Note whether there is a source of EMI nearby.
Life support systems are also at risk. Use of Mobile Phones and Other Wireless Communications Devices - Interference with Electronic Medical Equipment.
Woman Dies After Airport Scanner Interferes with her Pacemaker.
    If EMR can make machines go haywire, what might it be doing to a much more complex vehicle, the human body?
       Free Information
      The EMR Awareness Group is a not-for-profit community organisation. We are based in Byron Shire on the Northeast Coast of New South Wales, Australia. For further information on any related topics, email us at:, or visit our website:

      An educational DVD, compiled and regularly updated by our volunteers, is available to anyone free of charge. It contains thousands of documents, both scientific and editorial, on the biological and health impacts of all types of EMR. This is the resource you need to counter incomplete or misleading safety claims by industry reps.

      The following page of our website contains similar reading in the form of bookmarked external webpages. These are arranged by category for convenience.

      We have also produced a brochure describing simple methods for minimising your exposure from everyday sources of EMR. Here are the PDF's for each side to print out.,

      Please note, we request that our published materials not be sold or used to promote commercial products.

      Other Information Sources

      EMR Australia (not affiliated) is currently offering their quarterly news and science report free of charge. You can download current and back editions here.

      Eco Health Solutions is hosting an online symposium of environmental sensitivities, including EMR. While some are pay-to-view, there is also a free package on offer.

      Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Facebook Page.
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      We Are Not Alone
      Here is a partial list of international organisations actively engaged in the EMR debate. Seems like a lot of headwind for an industry that claims there are no problems. Readers are encouraged to visit their websites for a wealth of up-to-date information.

      American Association for Cell Phone Safety.
      AMICA Association for Chronic Toxic and Environmental Injury (Italy).
      Association "Une Terre Pour Les EHS" (France).
      Avaate, Valladolid (Spain).
      Beperk de Straling (Belgium).
      Campaign for Radiation Free Schools.
      Canadians For Safe Technology.
      Cellular Phone Task Force,
      Center for Safer Wireless.
      Citizens for Radiation Free Community.
      Citizens for Safe Technology.
      Citizens Radiation Protection (Norway).
      Control Radiation (India).
      EHS Association of Electrosensitives (Denmark).
      Electrosensibles (Spain).
      Electrosensitivity in Ireland.
      EMFacts Consultancy.
      Global Radio Frequency Radiation Defense Team.
      International EMF Alliance
      Kompetenzinitiative zum Schutz von Mensch (Germany).
      Le collectif des Electrosensibles (France).
      Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters.
      Maryland Smart Meter Awareness.
      Mast Sanity.
      Mast Victims.
      Maxicom AB, Kalle Hellberg, (Sweden).
      National Association For Children and Safe Technology.
      Next-up (France).
      No Radiation for You (Israel).
      No Towers near Schools.
      Parents for Safe Technology Ireland.
      Parents Against Wi-Fi in School.
      People Power Victoria.
      Powerwatch. htp://
      Priartem (France).
      Professor Magda Havas (Canada).
      Rudet for Helbredssikker Telekommunikation (Denmark).
      Radiation Protection Foundation (Sweden).
      Retenoelettrosmog (Italy).
      Robin des Toits (France).
      Sedona Smart Meter Awareness.
      StralingsArmVlaanderen (Belgium)
      Smart Meter Education Network. http:/
      Smart Meter Harm.
      Smart Meter News. http://www.smartmeternewsupdates.wordpress.comState Platform Against Electromagnetic Pollution (Spain). 
      Stop Smart Meters.
      Stop Smart Grid.
      Stop Smart Meters Australia Inc.
      Stop Smart Meters.
      StopUMTS (Netherlands).
      Take Back Your Power.
      The Association of the Electrohypersensitives (Sweden).
      The Coalition to Stop Smart Meters.
      The Ecological Options Network.
      The EMR Policy Institute.
      The Lakeshore Coalition.
      The Peoples' Initiative.
      WEEP - The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution.
      Wired Child
      Wireless Education Action.

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