Saturday, March 07, 2015

EMR and Health (March Issue)

EMR and Health

Free quarterly news and science report on electromagnetic radiation and health

The March issue has a great deal of valuable information that we hope you’ll enjoy reading, including:
  • France’s new law to reduce exposure to wireless radiation;
  • a recent Australian study on smart meters and how they’re affecting people;
  • an interview with the study’s author, Dr Federica Lamech;
  • the European Union’s new position on electromagnetic hypersensitivity;
  • sleeping on spring coil mattresses - is it a good idea?
  • chemical sensitivity;
  • how digital technology affects sleep;
  • a new Australian book on chemical and electromagnetic sensitivity by Diana Crumpler;
  • the latest news and research and items of interest from around the world.

Download the March 2015 issue below.

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