Saturday, January 24, 2015

CTF Sounds the Alarm on Wi-Fi

 CTF Sounds the Alarm on Wi-Fi

A Canadian Teachers Federation (CTF) Brief The Use of
Wi-Fi in Schools (2014) is sounding the alarm on Wi-Fi
in schools, stating that “Teachers are rightly concerned
for their personal safety and the safety of children in their
care.” The CTF Brief calls for Wi-Fi to be turned off when
not in use, resources to educate the public about ways to
reduce exposure from Wi-Fi and wireless devices, and for
updated federal guidelines on microwave radiation.
The World Health Organization classified Wi-Fi and wireless
frequencies as a Class 2B carcinogen in the same category
as lead and DDT, and scientists now say the dangers
are much greater than originally thought. While the CTF
recommends reducing exposure, other countries such
as France and Switzerland recommend banning Wi-Fi
in schools altogether, instead opting for Ethernet (hard
wired) connections.

The CTF reports that Health Canada’s 40 year old guidelines
on microwave radiation fail to consider biological
effects, which scientists say put the public and future
generations at risk. The American Academy of Pediatrics
agrees, advising that standards need to be updated in
order to protect children from harm. Canadians for Safe
Technology, led by former president of Microsoft Canada,
point out that countries such as China, Russia, Italy and
Switzerland have exposure guidelines 100 times safer
than Canada.

The CTF calls for resources to educate the public on the
safe use of wireless technologies. Students must be made
aware of important safety information in user manuals,
so they do not exceed our government’s exposure limits
while using wireless devices at school. For instance,
BlackBerry warns “Use hands-free operation if it is available
and keep the BlackBerry device at least 0.98 in. (25
mm) from your body when device is turned on” and IPad
manufacturers warn to keep antenna away from the user’s

Canadians for Safe Technology urges governments and
Boards of Education to take action to protect students’
health by ensuring that Wi-Fi and wireless technologies
are turned off when not in use and ensuring that all students
are equipped with information on the safe use of
wireless technologies as recommended by the CTF. For

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