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BC Hydro says that 2000 smart meters can be served by a Single collector antenna.
There will be approximately 1,800 collectors installed across BC

SPECS FOR NEW Cisco 1000 Series / Itron Routers

MESH Network by Itron, BC Hydro and ROGERS   Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and other areas
CISCO 1000 Series Cell Router  AUGUST 2012

Cisco GridBlocks Architecture: A Reference for Utility Network Design

Cisco’s New Smart Grid Push 
Cisco launches smart grid field area networking, architecture services and a network management system to manage it all.   
BC Hydro will be Cisco’s first NMS customerrolling it out to manage a Cisco-Itron FAN/smart meter system meant to connect 1.9 million meters and thousands of other grid “endpoints” by the end of 2012.

Cisco rolls more routers for smart grids

Itron and Cisco deliver IPv6-based smart grid platform
“The Itron-Cisco partnership was a real game changer,” said Gary Murphy, BC Hydro’s chief project officer for the Smart Metering Program. “The ability to leverage our infrastructure with Itron’s smart grid solution and Cisco’s Connected Grid networking and security capabilities is a great stepping stone into smart grid. We will be able to leverage it for years to come.”

Note : ITRON Routers ( Two antennas ) were replaced in August 2012 with Cisco 1000 series Routers which can have up to Eight antennas. Most BC Hydro Cisco Routers currently have Four Antennas

MESH Network by Itron, BC Hydro and TELUS   Number 1 Road, Richmond BC 

MESH Network by Itron, BC HYDRO and TELUS  - Hwy 10, Langley Bypass, Langley BC
MESH Network by Itron, BC Hydro and TELUS   ,  Port Hardy BC 

Itron releases a new collector design – March 2012

Itron and Cisco Launch Next-Generation Smart Grid Platform

Tuesday, January 17th 2012

MESH Network Antennas by Itron 
Itron OpenWay Mesh Network

Mesh Collector – (PDF)   Mesh Repeater – (PDF)   Drive By Collection – (PDF)

Regions using Itron Centron II :
 California, Conneticut, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia
Itron OpenWay Meters that use Mesh networks are sending and receiving signals considerably more often then Drive by Data collectio

MESH Network Antenna in Main Street, Vancouver BC  ( WIFI )

MESH Network Antennas in Toronto Ontario

MESH Network in California

MESH Network in California
MESH Network in Naperville Illinois

Not Convinced its an issue?   Watch this video of an active Collector in Richmond BC

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