Sunday, October 05, 2014

Smart Meter Battle Moving Into Mainstream

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Here's the major news of the past two weeks as the "smart" meter battle continues to move into the mainstream.

Past U.S. presidential candidate and consumer advocate Ralph Naderis getting punchy about "smart" meters, which are in his words a "step toward technological despotism." Bang-on accurate. Hear the audio interview here:

On Thursday, the WSJ blew the whistle: One in 10 cell/grid towers violate even FCC's safety guidelines - for an estimated 30,000 illegal towers in the US. With industry's sway in government, how will the "radiation fallout" be stopped?

Kim Bendis (seen in Take Back Your Power) has finally been officially acquitted in the ridiculous propaganda case of her and Jen Stahl being arrested for refusing a "smart" meter:

In the UK, the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and an influential MP are recognizing the Department of Climate Change's colossal "waste of money" in the works -- a minimum of £10.9billion to be precise:

How is it even possible to find ourselves this far off the tracks? For years Patrick Wood has been patiently explaining. Could what's become of "sustainable development" be the largest corporate bait-and-switch of all time?

Water bills of €240 or more for cash-strapped families, thanks to so named "smart" meters... and the Irish are outraged after, amazingly, politicians attempt to exempt themselves:

And in feelgood news, a new supercar that uses a saltwater-based technologyhas been approved certified for use on European roads:

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Quote of the day, spoken-word style:

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