Monday, October 20, 2014

Sharp increase in patients treated for brain tumors with unclear diagnosis in Sweden

Sharp increase in patients treated for brain tumors with unclear diagnosis in Sweden

An increasing number of patients are treated for brain tumor ”of unknown nature” in Sweden since 2008, but the increase is not reflected in the national cancer registry. – It is serious if the statistics on new cases of brain tumors is incorrect because the brain tumor statistics is widely being used as an argument that cell phones do not increase the risk of cancer and brain tumors, says Mona Nilsson, Chairman of Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation.

Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation has compiled statistics from the Swedish Health Board registry’s database on the number of patients treated for brain tumors in Sweden as well as from the cancer registry and cause of death registry, during the last decade. The number of people receiving treatment fora brain tumor”of unknown nature” increased by almost 30% only between 2008 and 2012. At the same time, the number of patients with a confirmed brain tumor diagnosis remained at a relatively stable level.
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Everybody needs information about the risks. Children are particularly sensitive


Health Risk of Mobile Phone Radiation:
What happened to its scientific recognition?
Speech by Wolfgang Maes, Building Biology Expert / Journalist DJV
at the Congress "Building Biology - Architecture - Environmental Medicine" of the
Institute for Building Biology IBN and the Building Biology Association (VB)
at the Cultural Hall of Bad Endorf on May 5, 2006
What scientists have already proven is not necessarily scientifically proven. It took me a
long time to understand this. 

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