Monday, October 20, 2014

Experts: Why wearable tech could pose health risks

Experts: Why wearable tech could pose health risks

From Joel Moskowitz PhD
Brooke Crothers, Fox News, Oct 20, 2014


Wearables have arrived. But some doctors and scientists say the latest must-have technology may pose serious health risks to the people wearing them. Internet-connected glasses, smart watches and health monitoring gadgets put wireless technology right on the body, increasing exposure to radio waves among consumers who are already carrying wireless smartphones, tablets and laptops. Make no mistake … Wearables like Google Glass, Samsung Gear Live and the upcoming Apple Watch are a growing tech category. Wearable smart device shipments will more than quadruple globally by 2017, reaching 116 million units, compared to an estimated 27 million this year, according to a September report from Juniper Research, a U.K-based market research firm that specializes in wireless technology.


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