Sunday, August 03, 2014

"Mobilize" nominated for best documentary!!!

"Mobilize" nominated for best documentary

Along with filmmaker Kevin Kunze, Dr. Devra Davis (Environmental Health Trust;, and Dr. Joel Moskowitz (UC Berkeley Dept of Public Health;, my son Zack and I have been working on a full length documentary on cell phone radiation for many years. This has been a labor of love dedicated to those we know that are suffering or have perished “more likely than not” from cell phone radiation.

Our hope is that this will help educate many on the reality of this very serious situation and people will begin to take precautions; especially children, teens, young adults and pregnant women.

Not only has “Mobilize” been selected to play at the California Independent Film Festival ( our film has also been nominated for the Slate award for best documentary!

We do hope you will join us and spread the word to those you know in the bay area (I can send flyers for you to distribute to friends, family, co- workers and in any groups in which you are involved). Also, if you would like to arrange a showing in your area please let me know.
Tickets are available at and if you let me know soon that you will be there we will add you to our list for our private after party. We also have some tickets we will donate for those who cannot afford the cost.

For dates, times and more information about Mobilize and the film festival please visit and share this website:

Please consider a donation to our non- profit, the California Brain Tumor Assn. so that we can continue to educate the public. To do so please contact me directly.

Thank you so very much for your continued support!
Ellie Marks
CA Brain Tumor Assn.

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