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File a complaint with the FCC if your transmitting utility meter has no FCC ID number or the number has been deliberately obscured.

If you have a transmitting utility meter aka smart meter that does not have an FCC ID number or has had the FCC ID number obscured, please take a moment to file a complaint with the FCC about it.  The directions are below.  They have already gotten some complaints.  More would be great.  There seem to be a decent number of unapproved meters being used.  There are also a couple of interesting effects being observed, both of which violate FCC rules.  One, is a meter which does not transmit at the meter but essentially uses the wires as an antenna ( and  Two, is apparent at the meter, but probably not caused by the meter.  It is a phenomenon where the meter transmits signals from other wireless devices within the building.  In this case, it is very important that the make, model, and serial number of the device originating the signal also be reported to the FCC.  That signal would obviously be present on the building wiring in a way that violates the FCC rules in order for the meter to re-broadcast it.  The presence of the signal on the wiring would present an additional mode of exposure, exactly the same as standard "dirty" electricity, just much higher in frequency. for more information about "dirty" electricity. 

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File a complaint with the FCC if your transmitting utility meter has no FCC ID number or the number has been deliberately obscured.

It is illegal for utility meters to transmit without an FCC ID. Likewise, it is illegal to obscure an FCC ID number. Please report occurrences to the FCC for investigation. Complaints can be used to support legal action if FCC fails to act on reports of violations.
If you would like more information about the health hazard posed by smart meters and what you can do about it, please visit the Smart Meter page or go, which also has a store that sells an RF detection meter.
How to File a Complaint:

    1. Take a good clear picture of the face of the utility meter clearly showing that there is no FCC ID number or clearly showing that it has been obscured.2. Make a clear video recording of an RF detection meter measuring the RF radiation being emitted by the transmitting utility meter without the FCC ID or with obscured ID number. Show that the radiation increases as the RF detector nears the utility meter that is in violation, showing that it is transmitting. Prior to making the video be sure that all wireless devices within the building are off so that there can be no question of the signal being from another nearby transmitter on the other side of the wall. (You can use the RF detector to check.)
    If there is an odd effect with the utility meter also transmitting signals from other wireless devices operating inside the building, have someone plug these devices in one by one so that the effect can be heard. Please be sure to note for each transmitter added in and heard in the video what device it is (make, model, serial#), its location in the building, and the proximity to the meter. This effect is also an FCC violation.
    3. If you have a utility meter that does not transmit at the meter or only transmits very weakly at the meter, but transmits strongly elsewhere in the building, similarly to the one in the video at, please also take a video. Make a video recording at the utility meter with an RF meter, then make a video recording inside the building where the signal is occurring (double check to make sure that all other transmitters have been unplugged), then keep recording while the circuit is turned off. To understand this phenomenon more fully please read the report about it at
    4. If possible make a web archive of the technical specifications for the meter - search the make, model, and the words "technical specifications."
    5. Call 888-CALL-FCC. Let them know that you have a picture and video documenting the violation and ask where you can email/mail them. Send them along with a note requesting that the FCC investigate the fact that the meter transmits but has no FCC ID or to investigate the obscured FCC ID.

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