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OPINION: My Little Cousin Greg, Part One

OPINION: My Little Cousin Greg, Part One

Gary Duncan | 7/8/14
greg munro lpea gary duncan electro magnetic fields smart meters
That's my little cousin, Greg.  I don't know, maybe 1954.  Behind him... that's Darrel, my little brother.  I'm behind the camera.

Obviously, we're both old goats now... Greg and me.

What does that have to do with your risk of breast cancer, autism, ADHD, sleep deprivation, immune suppression, Sudden Aspen Decline, loss of fall color vibrancy, Alzheimers, wildlife abandonment areas, the WooWoo Revolution, Smart Meters, renewable energy, grid-tied solar, your power bill, coal-fired global warming, sinusitis, and impotence in your honey?

Plenty... but unless you read all of this, you won't get it.  Even then, you still might not get it. I didn't... until a German Naturopathic Physician who was also trained by Dr. Peter Sierke in San Diego as an EMF technician said to me one day... "You don sleep and have heartburn from da fields.  You 'lectro sensitive."

Yeah, right... I could barely understand his English... and I was certain this EMF stuff was deep guacamole penultimate definitive whacko WooWoo goo.

I'm a trained physicist (University of Colorado-Boulder).  Even had course training in ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Theory.  Still, I didn't get it. 

Also held a 3rd Class Radio Telephone Operator's license issued by the FCC (highschool days... disc jockey... Montrose).  They screamed over and over again... "don't get close to radio frequency transmission equipment" ... it was on all the tests.  Greg was listening to me stammer and stutter on KUBC on the weekends.  I was a terrible DJ. 
Greg is a couple years younger, but not much.  He's as bald as I am now....which is pretty much thoroughly.

So how is Greg — the man currently CEO of La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) and the log-jamming coal-fired Tri-State grid electrical power in Durango — managing to install wireless Smart Meters (powered by not just one, but two cellphone transmitters in every meter) on nearly every house LPEA serves?

Even San Miguel Power (Telluride-Ouray) and DMEA (Delta-Montrose) are smart enough to see that the cover is coming off of the Telecom-Power Generating Industry coverup of microwave toxification.  They are now use the powerline-transmitting TWACS meter system instead (which ain't safe, but better by far.)

Greg's last name is Munro.  That's my mom's maiden name.  If we were Latinos, my name would be Gary Lee Duncan-Munro... but sexism whacked that one I guess.
Greg Munro is a third generation power company employee.  His dad (Wayne) was a line foreman in Silveton when we were sledding bambinos walking out their second story snowporch door onto what passed for winter — back in the days when it really did snow.  Our grandfather, John Alonso Hayward Munro, was an accountant for Western Colorado Power Company... back when all of these power companies were one monopoly... and that goes about back to Nikola Tesla and the invention of AC power.  And the Ames Generator that turned Telluride into the City of Lights, little over a century ago.  Grandpa Munro's first job with "Reddy Kilowatt"...(Western Colorado Power) was in the Telluride office.

My sojourn as an extreme — completely debilitated — Electro Hyper Sensitive goes back 20 years.  If you don't have this illness nor living with around someone who has it... you very likely will be, sooner than you wished.  The pain of electrosensitization I equate with sitting down in a dentist chair, refusing Novacain and letting them start to drill....24 hours a day, 365 days a year/  And the only change expected will be: that it will get worse.

Whacko WooWoo guacamole?  The country of Sweden doesn't think so; there, it's a legal disability.  Norway doesn't think so... its Prime minister has it. and the illness is governmentally registered as an occupational hazard in the electronics industry.
Several of the electron gurus who developed the cell phone are living exactly like I do... as refugees and electrosensitives...as far away from the cell towers, Smart Meters, neighborhood WiFi and power lines as they can get.  The same problem is going on in Spain, Canada and Columbia.

So what is going on here?  Third generation of alternating power generation and distribution in Western Colorado... now the integration of wireless microwave synthetic radiation onto the powerline grid — not just your Smart Meter, but the even more destructive Broadband-over-the-Powerline as your internet connection.

One man who is helping drive the push for more EMF radiation — that would be my little cousin Greg — and the other whose life he is helping to destroying — that would be me.

Grandpa Munro was a most astounding man.  Scot by heritage, tiny, full head of vibrant gray hair... the most tender hearted, sensitive and compassionate human being I've ever known.  I was with him when he died.  He woke as the dawn burst through the hospital window, exclaimed "Another beautiful morning", rolled over and left me alone in the room with his body.

He would never in a million years have condoned this draconian nightmare.

I didn't willingly become a player in the international network of MDs, PhDs, politicians, EHSs and activists dealing with what is now unfolding as the single most destructive technology man has ever invented. But unbelievable pain will do what reason and education will not.

There is no such thing as a safe level of exposure to synthetic microwave pulsed digital radiation (for the un-technical, that means WiFi, cell phones, powerline broadband, baby monitors, car computers, WiMax... the list goes on... call me, I'll send the full list. 
But we know I don't have a phone.  Not only have I never owned a cell phone, but for the past 8 years... thanks to living in caves, literally... I've not owned any telephone at all.  Don't tell me cell phones are necessary... I run an internationally connected research organization and talk to Karolinska Medical Institute, London, Columbia and Canada every trip to town.

I had lost track of Greg, back there somewhere in all those years since the dirtpile in the picture where we dug foxholes and built forts in the 50s in Montrose.  Been thinking more and more about checking out Durango these past few years.  When I finally got to Durango, there's the newspaper.  People are pissed about Smart Meters and they voted to dump the power company franchise because CEO Greg Munro and company were doing the Tri-State coal-powered bullshit tango. (All Tri-State employees are given stock in Peabody Coal Company as bonuses; I learned this from inside TriState during an earlier war.).

Power Companies don't lose franchise elections; they have more money than God and tons of people who can tell lies effectively on the phone.  (This, also, from previous power company wars.) 

Greg and LPEA did.  Lose the election, that is.
dirty electricity samuel milham md book
I stopped by the office and left him my email address, wanting to catch up.  Despite obviously being now on opposite sides of yet another power company war, we're kin...and for a pair of Scots, that's blood, and it's thicker than politics.  Greg didn't answer.  How could he?  I'm his big cousin Gary, and he's known (since the dirt pile) that I'm always right.  Why would this time be any different?  And considering he's currently in an embarrassing position...

Well, folks... here is where our story gets into what Thomas Edison said when Nikola Tesla invented alternating current and lit up Telluride....
"AC will kill ya," he told Tesla. 
He was right.  Read "Dirty Electricity" by Dr. Sam Milham MD, epidemiologist for New York and Washington State.  The subject is further addressed by Dr. Robert O. Becker MD, Dean of the New York Medical School; read his books (both Nobel-nominated): "The Body Electric" and "Cross Currents". 
It's propounded by Dr. Magda Havas, Trent University in Ontario (www.magdahavas.org)...she'll tell you why the WiFi comes out of libraries and schools.  She's a touring lecturer in electrosensitization.  (Bring her here, have her do a presentation, even a series.)
Blake Levitt (medical science journalist-consultant to the US Senate on EMF)..."Electromagnetic Fields".
Check out three websites: www.es-uk.info (international network for electrosensitives in London), www.weepinitiative.org (Canadian newsletter screening all emf research globally...both free) and the best...www.onaravenswing.com ... what it's like to be abandoned by the culture you create, and banished to the caves in Utah, by a woman who survived it.

If you really want an eye-opening panorama of the issues, google Barrie Trower and watch his 21-part interview filmed in Germany in 2010. Few if any of us have careers this deeply imbedded in military microwave weapon development and disappeared science — the reams of it, which told us not to do this — from a man who spent his career inside of it all.

Well, obviously, if you made it this far... this damned story could go on forever.  And you're right...

But what about you?  What about right now?
What about Greg Munro?

Read Part Two, tomorrow…

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