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Excerpt from the book EMF Freedom (Electromagnetic Fields) Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution

Excerpt from the book EMF Freedom (Electromagnetic Fields) Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution

From André Fauteux

The meters started being installed at the beginning of the week
and by Thursday night an itchy rash developed around my ankle.
Having had a long standing appointment with a doctor the following
week, I thought she could determine what was causing it
and tell me what to do for it. By the time I saw her the following
Thursday, the rash was up my calf and covered half of my thigh.
She stated it was not scabies and recommended herbs that help
reduce skin inflammation.

Two weeks later, the rash was solid over my legs, arms, stomach
and back. The itching was so intense, with nothing able to relieve
it, there was no way to sleep. I felt like I was undergoing torture.
I saw my primary care doctor, who stated it was probably scabies.
When I said I had not been exposed to them, she prescribed
cortisone cream and pills. This did not stop the spreading or
the itching, so I was referred to a dermatologist who also stated
it had to be scabies and prescribed scabies medication to be used
over my total body.

Knowing it was not scabies, I chose not to use it. After several
more weeks of being awake itching all night, I could not stand it
anymore and went to a doctor who had helped me in the past. He
thought it was a recurrence of the skin parasite schistosomiasis I
had been infected with 30 years earlier. I underwent his schistosomiasis
cleansing. After still being awake itching all night, I became
desperate and utilized the scabies therapy 3 times, because the
standard of applying it 2 times did not help. Still, nothing worked!
I was given referrals to both an allergist (the answer: it was not
contact dermatitis) and then to an infectious disease doctor (the
answer: it had to be scabies). Finally, I was referred to one of the
most highly regarded dermatologist in the area. His answer was
to prescribe ultraviolet (UV) therapy treatments, stating that UV
reduces skin inflammation.

By now, I could not use a cell phone or a computer due to itching,
bloody sores breaking out up my arm and legs within minutes of
using either device. My skin spontaneously started bleeding when
I was exposed to any EMF radiation. It bled so profusely, many
of my clothes and sheets were destroyed due to staining. Being a
researcher and author, not being able to be around computers or
cell phones meant I could no longer work. It was Christmastime
and since some of the doctors were still convinced it was scabies,
I could not go anywhere or be with my young grandchildren for
fear of the possibility of infecting others.

Finally, I looked again at all the health complaints from Northern
California. Just searching on the word “rash” I was astonished
at how many people had written about their problems with skin
rashes that began after the installation of their SMART meters.
Additionally during this time, I realized that if I was near people
who were transmitting on the new more powerful 3G and 4G
phones, I felt like slender sharp needles were going into my
ankles, feet, thighs, or mid-back. When 3–4 feet away from the 
SMART meters that were installed in my area, the same feeling
of needles penetrating my feet and legs would occur. With all
these new symptoms, it became obvious they were the result of
the new EMF smog that was blanketing our neighborhood and
community from the newly installed SMART meters, as this was
the only thing that was different in my environment. Now that
the source of the problem had been identified, it was much easier
to find solutions.

My first discovery was that grounding to the earth’s energy helps
offset electromagnetic radiation, so I started going to the ocean
and laying on the sand or on the ground for an hour or two a day.
Next we brought in a biological building inspector who helped
identify where the EMF exposures were excessive throughout
our home and office. Making the changes he recommended and
turning the electricity off at night to the back part of our house
where we sleep, along with consistent grounding at the beach, my
symptoms gradually subsided.

Today, utilizing a sheet that grounds our bed and a pad that
grounds my feet when working on the computer, as well as employing
energy optimizers for my body, cell phone, and electronic
devices, I am finally rash free. These techniques have allowed me
to reenter society and to be able to work again. However, when
I am unable to avoid being around a large crowd of people who
are all using their cell phones, my skin itches for several hours
afterwards. Also if I spend time working in rooms with banks of
computers as well as Wi-Fi (e.g., medical library) without adequate
antioxidants, I develop a slight rash on my mouse arm.

It is important to remember that just because we can use grounding
pads and energy harmonizing devices to feel more comfortable, it
does not mean the harm has been eliminated. The best thing for
everyone is to combine as many ways to protect themselves and
eliminate or reduce as much EMF radiation as possible, because
its effects are cumulative and delayed.

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