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Woman forced to live in 'cage' by intolerance to mobiles, wifi and satnav

Woman forced to live in 'cage' by intolerance to mobiles, wifi and satnav

ictured is Velma at home in her Faraday cage) Meet the woman who spends 18 hours a day locked in a cage because she is allergic to modern technology.
Life in a cage ... Velma eats inside her makeshift protection
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MEET the woman who lives in a protective cage — because her system can't cope with pulsed microwave technology.

Velma, 51, gets close to mobile phones, satnav or wifi or other pulsed microwave signals, she is badly affected and has to spend hours in her home-made Faraday-style chamber.
Velma, who has electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, passes the time reading, doing artwork and writing letters instead.

To protect herself from pulsed microwave signals from industrial WIFI she will sometimes wear a special scarf when going into shops.

Her condition emerged when 3G mobiles were introduced.

Though it is believed previous electric shocks make people more susceptible.

As a teenager Velma suffered a shock when she touched the switch of an electric fire in her bathroom.

At first the symptoms were barely noticeable but they have become progressively worse over time.
Vera Lyrae is her home-made cage
Books ... she spends her days reading
Caters News
Now Velma has agonising head and nerve pain, memory loss, tinnitus, heart palpitations, vertigo and aching joints if she goes near certain things, such as mobile phones.
It has left her unable to work and forces her to spend much of her day behind shielded wire mesh in her flat in Blackheath, South London.

Velma made the structure herself from off-cuts of special electro-magnetic shielding material costing £300. A brand new Faraday cage would have cost her £800.

She claims metal fibres in the netting shield her from the electro-magnetic waves and stop her from suffering EMS symptoms.

Velma, who uses a specially protected laptop, said: “I can’t do anything that normal people do without my symptoms showing. I have to do everything in my cage — eat, sleep, read, write.

“I always wear a shielded scarf round my head when I leave the house to protect myself from radiation signals.
Velma Lyrae sleeping in her home-made cage
Bed ... Velma even sleeps in the cage to escape electromagnetic fields
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“It’s made my life a living hell.”

Velma worked as a secretary for a number of firms in the 1980s but was forced to quit her job.

She said: “Even back then I could feel a huge agitation when using the computer, but I thought it was just because I didn’t have the technological skills.

“Now I know that I was starting to feel the symptoms of my EHS. I don’t have a job and my social life is non-existent.

“My friends are very supportive but there’s only so much time you can spend with the woman that can’t go anywhere or do anything.

“I used to love going to festivals and experiencing live music, but because everyone has a mobile I can’t even go near a gig now.
Velma Lyrae shows the amount of tablet she has to take to combat condition
Cocktail of medicines ... Velma takes supplements to help with her symptoms
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“The last gig I went to was Radiohead. I knew I was getting worse and wouldn’t be able to go to any more so I wanted to make it a good one.

“It’s so sad that I can no longer do the things I enjoy.”

Electrical Sensitivity, also known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, is recognised in Spain and Sweden but so far health authorities in Britain have not formally recognised the condition.

Velma said: “It is so frustrating that medicine isn’t keeping up with the technology.
“Independent experts say in five years’ time 50 per cent of the population could be affected at current exposure levels.
ictured is Velma at home in her Faraday cage) Meet the woman who spends 18 hours a day locked in a cage because she is allergic to modern technology.
Walk ... Velma finds it difficult to walk near traffic as she experiences volt-like sensations through reflex points in her feet
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“We desperately need a white zone — an area where there’s little or no emissions — where we can go to detox and recuperate.”

Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe said: “The symptoms of EHS can cover a broad range of systems, often start subtly and can be mistaken for other medical conditions.

“Adults and children today are exposed to very high levels of electromagnetic fields (EMF) that no life on the planet has ever witnessed before.

“It is no surprise that the numbers of those with EHS and other conditions linked with EMF exposure are rising.”

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