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Skin cancer rates in Spain rise alarmingly

Skin cancer rates in Spain rise alarmingly

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Skin cancer rates in Spain rise alarmingly
THE rate of skin cancer is alarmingly still on the rise.
Two out of every 100,000 Spaniards will now develop the most dangerous strain of melanoma each year – a seven per cent rise in just one year.
Most worryingly of all, victims appear to be getting younger, with those in their late twenties the most affected group.
Melanoma is an extremely dangerous condition and requires early detection for successful treatment.
Mortality rates are at their highest for those over 50.
According to Miguel Sanchez Viera, the head of the skin cancer unit at USP San Camilio Hospital, if the condition is left undetected, the cancer can spread quickly making the chance for success considerably slimmer.
Meanwhile, sun creams with a factor of at least 30 are being highly recommended by experts as a way to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun.
It has emerged that creams with a factor of less than 15 will require the removal of the word ‘protection’ from the package.
The FDA recently announced that sunscreens with a protection factor of less than 15 will have to have a warning label that only recognises the cream’s ability to protect against sunburn, not cancer and aging.
According to recent research by top doctors, sun cream with a factor of 30-plus is the only way to prevent the risk of skin cancer.

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