Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mobile phone health risks: the case for action to protect children

Mobile phone health risks: the case for action to protect children
MobileWise’s report Mobile phone health risks: the case for action to protect children details evidence from more than 200 scientific studies linking children’s mobile phone use with serious health problems.
The report warns that children’s health is being put at risk by the failure of Government and phone companies to respond to the growing body of evidence linking mobile phone use with health hazards. Medical experts and MobileWise are calling on Government and industry to provide warnings and advice on ways to reduce the risk of health damage when using mobiles.
The possible health risks identified include brain tumours and damage to fertility, genes, the blood-brain barrier and melatonin production, as well as other biological effects thought to have a role in the development of cancer. Endorsed by a number of eminent doctors and scientists, the report highlights the growing and substantial body of evidence that has been obscured in the debate over these risks.
Research highlighted in the new report shows that children’s brains are more susceptible to the effects of mobile phone radiation because of their smaller heads, thinner skulls and greater tissue conductivity.
The report calls for children to be informed about how to limit their exposure – including keeping calls to a minimum, using headsets and keeping phones away from the groin.
Dr Lennart Hardell, Professor of Oncology and Cancer Epidemiology at Orebro University Hospital in Sweden, who has led several studies on the link between phones and cancer, says: “This timely report draws attention to the large body of evidence which links prolonged phone use to health hazards such as brain tumours.”
British neurosurgeon Kevin O’Neill says: “This report does much to elucidate the scientific evidence and policy issues. We know that children are much more vulnerable to phone radiation and that there are simple measures available to help them cut their exposure ”


  1. Yes, now a days because of using mobiles people are experiencing some health problem which can affect our brain and other genes. Mobile signal waves are considered danger for our body by scientist.

  2. Yes, people are starting to figure out that this is in fact one of the causal factors in the bizarre symptoms they are experiencing. Unfortunately, too many people would rather not know the truth about the dangers this technology is presenting the world with because they are too addicted to their toys to want to know and brush it off as "just another danger."