Saturday, February 09, 2019

Crowdfunding Ramazzini's Research

Probable Carcinogen: this is the (minimal) safety classification of Radio-frequencies to be obtained from IARC (WHO)!
After the final report of the NTP (USA) study, great expectation is given to the final report of the Ramazzini Institute (Bologna, Italy).
The final evaluation is still ongoing. but it proceeds slowly due to lack of resources! To complete it, they need funds for at least € 50,000 not covered by the main sponsors including: Region Emilia Romagna and ARPA, who no longer want to support the search!
The Italian Electrosensitive Association (A.I.E.) has opened a fund-raising campaign (crowdfunding) in order to support Ramazzini's research.
We commit members, and invite friends and supporters to give their financial support to this initiative.
On Friday, at 2 pm, the concerned website is online. The link is as follows
Following the suggestions of the platform, it is very important that the announcement starts with the maximum of contacts and possibly donations.
So you ask to your friends to forward, in the same minutes ... hours, this announcement - with any changes and improvements - to their own contacts and their network asking recipients to transfer it to their personal contacts (as well as to donate, of course!).

My best regards
Giorgio Cinciripini
Associazione Italiana Elettrosensibili

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