Thursday, July 07, 2016

STOP FCC 5G-Release Spectrum & Roll Out: List of Senate, FCC Members to Contact

STOP FCC 5G-Release Spectrum & Roll Out: List of Senate, FCC Members to Contact

STOP FCC Vote to Release New High Band Spectrum (above 24Ghz) for 5G network.  Means more harmful frequency, more small cell transmitters and END TO ALL LANDLINES.  Vote, Announcement, & Roll Out- Thursday, July 14th, 10:30am EST-Room TW-C305, FCC 445 12th St SW, Washington DC

Demand These Congress Members protect us from harm.  According to Martin Pall PhD, we know 4G is harmful and reports from other countries in Europe and South Korea say it is making more people sick because it pulses more.  We know form NTP study that harm is not about power and heating but more about frequency, wave length and pulsation.  5G heat less but it pulses more. None of these transmitters have been tested for non-thermal effects which NTP proved causes cancer and is neurotoxic.  
Please call, email and ideally visit the US Senate and House Committees with Oversight over the FCC.  We have researched it for you.  Their names, pictures, email addresses, phone numbers, chiefs of staff, and the staff member with responsibility for the FCC are listed.  Try to hit Chief of Staff as well as legislative staff.  Chief of Staff definitely have more power and have the ear of the Senator or House member.  This is the Senate list and we will send out the House list as soon as we compile it.  You are welcome to call the FCC commissioners as well-see attached.

Start emailing, calling and visiting now.  I am heading to DC tomorrow or as soon as possible and I am hoping others will as well.  If you are visiting offices, I suggest you go separately or in pairs and represent different groups.  Do not say we are part of one group but you can say info is circulating on the internet and many many groups are outraged.  

If you are Electromagnetically Intolerant tell them your symptoms; this way we may identify staff members who are also ES who can help us.  

Kevin Mottus

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