Thursday, July 28, 2016

Report from the BioEM2016

Report from the BioEM2016

The 23-pages Report from the BioEM2016 is available (BIOEM2016_Report _DL_Final).
From the Introduction and Contents:Front page
BioEM2016 conference took place on June 6 -10, 2016 in Ghent, Belgium. Seen here is the view of the conference site, Het Pand, the large building on the left on the Leie River, a former monastery.
This report has been prepared for thePandora Foundation, Germany, andCompetence Initiative, Germany, which supported travel and participation of the author in BioEM2016. Parts of this report were published during the course of the BioEM2016 as blogs on “BRHP – Between a Rock and a Hard Place” site.
Only several topics presented at the BioEM2016 are presented and discussed in this report. For the full list of topics presented at the BioEM2015, please, consult the freely available program book. However, the book of extended conference abstracts is accessible only for the registered participants of the BioEM2015, and for the members, in good standing, of the BEMS and EBEA.
The content list of the report:
  • Introductory comments
  • Hot topic: the NTP study
  • Wireless charging
  • New avenues in epidemiology
  • Tutorial on safety standards by IEEE-ICES in USA
  • Chinese study – interesting but technically unreliable
  • Boris Pashe’s work – what is the future?
  • Non-thermal effects of RF-EMF exposures
  • Stress response as activation of heat-shock proteins and genes
  • Dosimetry: assures thermally-based safety limits… nothing else…
  • Skin and 5G technology
  • Exposure to RF-EMF and its impact on brain structure – yes and no…
  • Telcom’s concerns over information and misinformation
  • Wi-Fi and health – review with unfounded conclusions
  • Closing words…

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