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Help Stop 5G Wireless - a dangerous radiation intensive technology!

Help Stop 5G Wireless - a dangerous radiation intensive technology!

We defeated the proposal to further erode local zoning in California. The stakes are even higher now! Spread the word!

The FCC is voting on whether to move forward with 5G, an extremely dangerous technology. Read Chairman Wheelers comments about the Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding ( This would put 5G transmitters on power and light poles throughout communities across the United States with the aim of creating enough saturation of very high frequency microwave radiation that fiber optic level connectivity is available wirelessly everywhere.

We will need as many people as possible from the U.S. and around the world, including experts, to contact the FCC by July 13, 2016They vote on the proposal on July 14, 2016.

Please take a moment to contact the FCC Commissioners BEFORE their vote on July 14 in opposition to the rollout of 5G. A template letter is below, please take a moment personalize it briefly with your experience to give it greater impact.

Tom Wheeler, Chairman
Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner
Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner
Ajit Pai, Commissioner
Michael O'Rielly, Commissioner Mike.O'

Please send a copy of your letter to your U.S. Representative and Senators and the relevant committees (listed below).

Ultimately, it is Congress that decided to give sole responsibility for wireless promotion and safety to an industry dominated agency. It is essential that they hear from you. Only they can give authority for health back to the EPA, which has tried in the past to protect the public. Congress defunded EPA and removed its authority to protect the public from wireless radiation to stop it (

Contact your Congressional Delegation (2 Senators and 1 Representative) Look them up and find their phone and FAX numbers at: and

Call the White House - 202-456-1111. Ask President Obama to halt the rollout of 5G in light of the safety hazards.

President Obama can also be emailed using the form at

Congressional Committees - ask for oversight hearings on dangers of societal saturation with radiation from wireless technology:

U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions - (202)-224-5375 links to contact the two ranking members on webpage
U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation - Majority: 202-224-1251, Minority:202-224-0411

U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources - (202) 224-4971
House Energy and Commerce Committee - (202) 225-2927
House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Phone: (202) 225-5074

Dear FCC Commissioners,

Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding is being represented as an unqualified good, but it is not. It will do great harm to human health and the environment.

Please vote "no" to the Spectrum Frontiers Proceeding. There has been no NEPA review of the environmental and human health impacts of moving forward with 5G. The FCC has put the cart before the horse in promulgating rules for 5G without first studying the safety of 5G for humans and the environment. There is consensus within the scientific community that the existing FCC limits for wireless radiation do not protect the population from biological effects (

The National Toxicology Program recently release results showing that radiofrequency radiation (RFR) can indeed both break DNA and cause cancer 
( and 

Furthermore, the literature on RFR in the very high frequency bands required for 5G document DNA breakages, serious cellular resonance effects, and other detrimental metabolic effects ( andhttp://www.stopglobalwifi/documents/2001_kositsky_et_al._-_ussr_review.pdf).

Non-industry funded studies have consistently found links between RFR and various negative biological effects ( They include serious neurological, cardiac, and metabolic effects, as well as DNA breakage which can lead to cancer and genetic defects (
Studies, including the National Toxicology Program studies, have shown wireless to be a dangerous technology and 5G, according to Chairman Wheeler's own comments, is an infrastructure intensive technology. So, invest in safe, wired infrastructure instead of spending a lot of money to saturate entire communities with hazardous radiation. The "cool" factor is not worth the peril.

Please see "Wireless Technology Violates Human Rights" ( for more information about the very serious ways in which wireless technology violates human rights.

Don't vote to unleash a dangerous environmental pollutant on your friends, family, and, indeed, the whole country. Vote to protect your family, friends, and the country - vote "no" on Spectrum Frontiers. Be on the right side of history.

Wireless Technology Violates Human Rights

How universal exposure to radiation from wireless devices complying with existing inadequate safety limits violates the Nuremberg Code of Ethics

Catherine Kleiber,

The report “Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares?” by Barrie Trower makes it clear that exposure to radiation from wireless technology will cause DNA damage, including damage to the mitochondrial DNA that is irreparable and will transmit to all future progeny of affected females.   In a mouse study, “RF Radiation–Induced Changes in the Prenatal Development of Mice” (, six months of real-life ambient exposure to a medley of radiation sources at levels well below those allowed by FCC RF limits resulted in total sterility, which did not reverse.  It would be expected to take longer in humans, however this finding supports the urgency of the points Mr. Trower makes in his report which can be found at  

Thus, there is NO possible way that the FCC can both promote wireless technology and protect the public health and safety, as directed by the House Committee on Commerce in H.R. Report No. 104-204, p. 94.

Obviously, Congress made clear with the stipulation that it was the FCC's responsibility to adopt uniform RF regulations "with adequate safeguards of the public health and safety" (H.R. Report No. 104-204, p. 94) that they were not interested in promoting wireless technology at the expense of the public health and safety.

The FCC is obligated by the directive in H.R. Report No. 104-204, p. 94 to inform Congress it is impossible to both promote wireless and protect the public health and safety since it is now clear that wireless technology has the potential to compromise the genetic integrity of individuals for all future generations.  Continued promotion of wireless technology in spite of that and the following evidence:

would not only violate the directive in H.R. Report No. 104-204, p. 94 which said it was the Commission's responsibility to adopt uniform RF regulations "with adequate safeguards of the public health and safety" and the principles of public health protection, but also be in direct violation of the entire Nuremberg Code of Ethics (   

Prior to approval of wireless technology for civilian use, it is clear from “Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares?” that it was already known that there were bio-effects from exposure to pulsed microwave radiation that were separate from tissue heating and it is clear from Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette: A Historical and Scientific Perspective ( that extensive scientific literature existed showing that harmful tissue heating could occur extremely quickly and locally at levels well below those allowed by the ICNIRP and IEEE limits and also that ample evidence existed of disabling effects on organisms when chronically exposed to RF radiation.  

Reasonable people with full access to the data could and did think a dangerous situation was being created by 1984, see “Biological Effects of Radiofrequency Radiation” (EPA 600/8-83-026F, 1984) ( and then again prior to the passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act (  In spite of this, no biologically protective safety limits were implemented to protect citizens during daily life.  

It violates the Nuremberg Code of Ethics to experiment on non-consenting people who cannot stop the experiment, especially when harm can reasonably be expected to result.  That is exactly what has happened and is happening.  The fact that those reasonable expectations have been fulfilled can be seen in The BioInitiative Reports and in many of the documents submitted for consideration within these FCC dockets (ET Docket No. 13-84, and ET Docket No. 03-137).  

Industry continues to generate uncertainty, in spite of the numerous well-designed studies showing harm, and continues to call for additional studies instead of action.  Results of the society-wide human experiment continue to roll in which demonstrate the harmfulness of the technology.  A small sample of these studies are below:

Indeed, in light of evidence that harm could be expected from its use and exposure is involuntary in many cases, there has been a violation of the entire Nuremberg Code of Ethics since RF technology was approved for civilian use without biologically-meaningful RF safety limits in place, specifically “1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential ...” and “9. During the course of the experiment, the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end...”.  Millions of people are being exposed to a dangerous toxin in an open-ended non-consenting experiment which they cannot bring to an end and over which they have no control.     

Performing additional studies without immediate action to put protective safety limits in place based on the array of existing studies showing harm, only continues the massive violation of human rights.  

The fact that any new microwave-based technology might be safer is no excuse to contend that this open-ended non-consenting experiment should continue.  Any new possibly safer technology should be studied in double-blind placebo controlled medical-style laboratory safety studies using approved protocols carefully designed to detect health effects before being allowed to undergo controlled consenting medical-style human studies.  The track record of previous microwave-based (wireless) technology and the Nuremberg Code of Ethics demands it!

Therefore, the FCC is obligated by H.R. Report No. 104-204, p. 94, by the principles of public health protection, and by the Nuremberg Code of Ethics to immediately place a moratorium on additional spectrum sales, antenna installations, transmitting utility meter installations, new wireless technologies, and sales of wireless devices, while notifying Congress, The Environmental Protection Agency, The Center for Disease Control, The National Institute of Health, and The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services of the serious health hazard posed by wireless technology and seeking their professional support in developing RF safety limits that truly protect the public health from biological harm.   If further experiments are needed, they should be done immediately using approved medical-style protocols, not using the entire population in an inescapable uncontrolled study done without consent.
If the FCC would like to argue that this is not an experiment because data collection is not consistent enough and negative outcomes were expected or known, then population-wide exposure to this toxin is still either “inhuman treatment” or “torture,” both of which are human rights violations.  Money is not a justifiable reason to expose an entire population to a potentially lethal agent that can be reasonably expected to isolate and disable many, impairing their ability to reach their full potential and live their life fully and freely.

Protecting my health and that of others by using a hardwired computer in a low RF environment.  For more information, see

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