Saturday, July 23, 2016

EMR Aware Newsletter - July-August 2016

Very informative newsletter follows.  It is from an Australian organization.

Lots of info. about 5G (which Hillary Clinton fully supports - no surprise - she gave speech that GMOs were "safe" after Monsanto gave her $350K to give this speech - GMOs, like cell phones, were never tested for long-term effects on humans yet she says they are safe), the US NTP rat study showing glioma brain cancer after 2 years of cell phone radiation exposure, and recent studies and actions from around the world concerning effects of wireless on children.

There is also much censorship on this issue.  Just some recent examples from newsletter:

- Suspension of employment to Dr. Maryanne Demasi who did the "Wi-Fried" episode on Australian science program Catalyst about a month after NTP rat brain cancer study was released
- Forced early retirement of Dr. Olle Johannson by Karolinska Institute about a week after the NTP rat brain cancer study was released. (But this hasn't stopped Dr. Johannson - he will be speaking at a free online event, from 25 July to 1 August 2016. "Wireless Technology - a Threat to Brain Function". Alzheimer's and Dementia Summit. - See more at:
- FCC removing people who attended the FCC vote on July 14 for 5G and confiscating their property because they expressed concern on health issues by 5G (a Bloomberg reporter had has press badge confiscated for talking to people who attended expressing concern on health issues by 5G - he asked FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler why FCC treated people this way - video link to that included in the newsletter below)

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Welcome to the July-August 2016 edition of our free EMR Aware newsletter. In it you will find a selection of the latest science and media reports on the biological, social, and environmental impacts of electro-technologies. 
To view, please click on the image or link below. While at our website, why not also explore our previous newsletters? As a whole, they form a comprehensive overview of current issues relating to EMR.

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