Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Urgent help for Mr Mendoza

Urgent help for Mr Mendoza

Dear Professional EMR fighters,                                         (and for clarity if you have already received notice of this case)
The case below calls for your urgent assistance.  It has already received a great deal of interest and support but your help is
needed.  Please send a letter of support for Jesus Mendoza a.s.a.p. needed for his court date next week 11th May 2016.
John Weigal 
If Dr. Milham testified on behalf of Mr. Mendoza, that is good enough for me to write a letter of support.
David Morrison
I found this online regarding his case if this is him
Originally sent from Susan Foster

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Many of you know Jesús Mendoza, the extremely EMS pro se litigant who for many years has been fighting in the courts for his life and also his children's lives.  Mr. Mendoza had essentially finished law school long ago, but became ill after being targeted with EMR in retaliation for his faithful exposure of some corruption he had witnessed.  His current litigation to protect his children is being widely watched, and if successful will strongly aide others who suffer from electromagnetic injuries and sensitivity.  It will particularly stand in the way of harm for schoolchildren exposed to wifi.
This litigation can make a huge difference to many.  Mr. Mendoza has specifically named many of you as requested recipients of this message. Please note he cannot use a computer at all.  He requests that you kindly arrange to have posted on various websites one of his court documents, attached, and with this, a request for hard-copy letters, as below.  Such letters should be sent as soon as possible to:
Mr. Jesús Mendoza, 2202 East 28th Street, Mission, TX 78574.
Mr. Mendoza has been ordered by a court to appear in person next Wednesday, May 11, or go to jail.  Either outcome would produce intense, torturesome suffering and, before long, death.  Despite Mr. Mendoza's ADA requests and his many precedents of being allowed in many contexts, including the judiciary, to appear telephonically rather than in person, the court has now ordered his physical appearance.
For this reason, Mr. Mendoza requests that people write letters on his behalf, which he will send to the judge.  (Note he specifically requests the language "life-threatening or worse" near the end.)  Such letters can be very simple, such as follows:
To whom it may concern:
[First introduce yourself, preferably with credentials and/or professional experience that will provide the court an understanding of reasons your statement ought to be considered.]
Please allow Mr. Jesús Mendoza, who has been injured by electromagnetic radiation and suffers from sensitivity to it [if you wish here you may use your own term, or several terms, as you choose, for ES/EMS/EHS/MS, etc.], to appear by telephonic conference at his May 11, 2016 hearin.
Please support Mr.Mendoza's efforts to prevent his children who suffer as he does from being forced into hazardous situations that harm their health and could be life-threatening or worse. 
Thank you,
It is an honor and a duty in my view to help others in dire need.  I know most of you feel similarly.
Thank you for your kind consideration.


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