Friday, May 13, 2016

A new Australasian association is formed -

A new Australasian association is formed -

The Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA) has been established to provide independent scientific advice about the impacts of wireless technology.
The trouble with so many advisory groups is that while they are highly commendable they are basically passive, they wait for people to come to them or find their website, which is probably why nothing much has changed in 20 years.  The above site has a very long list of luminaries, but what are they going to DO??

My intuition (and experience) tells me that if we want to see real change, people will need to get out there and be far more pro-active. Melissa presented a long list of things that could be done to raise awareness a while ago, and Dr Devra Davis is also thinking along these lines. There are, I know, many individuals who are, and have been, extremely pro-active recently, such as Dr Mallory Blythe, and others with media appearances, but there have been media appearances from top people for 20 years and it has made only a miniscule amount of difference.  Globally we  are SO fragmented.  Even the EMFScientist Appeal has not created a ripple within the industry and its cohorts, as far as I know.  (I stand to be corrected if this is wrong)

Would it not make sense to hold a Summit meeting, for three days, with top people from science, medicine and health care, to nut out a really effective strategy - not just a talk-fest - to counter this dangerously expanding technology.  This approach takes time, money, and energy.   But the summits need to be regular...........

What will it take?  When is 'enough is enough'?


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