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April 18, 2016 - Haifa (Israel) is disconnecting Wi-Fi in schools

April 18, 2016 - Haifa (Israel) is disconnecting Wi-Fi in schools

The mayor and head of school system in Haifa, Israel ordered that Wi-Fi be turned off immediately in schools until it is proven safe.  See article here  (after navigating to page, click translate to get English translation)  Another news article is attached below.

Below is the resolution from the California Medical Association, the California branch of the AMA (American Medical Association), written in December 2014 urging precautions on wireless because peer reviewed scientific studies have demonstrated harm and stating that current FCC regulations do not protect against human harm.  

Again, the FCC exposure limit is 1000uW/cm2 for 30 minutes for frequencies 1.5-100 GHz  Background levels in areas without a cell tower closeby or near Wi-Fi router is around 0.0003uW/cm2  (3-ten thousandths).  Areas within 1500 ft of a cell tower or near a school Wi-Fi router are 0.1-1uW/cm2.  My home wi-fi measures 0.01uW/cm2 at about 10 ft from router.  So school wi-fi is many times higher than home Wi-Fi (by 10 to 100 times)  Therefore, living/attending school next to a cell tower, going to school in typical school Wi-Fi environment,  exposes you to over 1000 times higher RF levels than background.   Health effects at 0.001-0.1uW/cm2 are headaches, concentration/memory/neurological problems, sleeping problems, sperm abnormalities, twice the risk of leukemia per the 2012 Bioinitiative Report, a metaanalysis of 3800 peer reviewed scientific studies.  If you haven't seen this chart yet, take a look

1000uW/cm2 for 30 minutes is the level at which your flesh would start to warm up from the microwave radiation.  Compliance to FCC standards means only that there is not enough microwave radiation from a cell tower or wi-fi router to cook you. It does not mean that you are protected from all biological effects which begin as low as 0.001uW/cm2 (1 thousandth) which have been shown in scientific studies.  Long-term Health effects of chronic exposure to RF radiation levels were never studied by our government - instead RF levels have been presumed to be safe as long as there is not enough to cook you.  So cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers, DECT cordless phones, ipads, wireless laptops, etc. were never tested for safety yet have been massively deployed as if they have been proven safe.

So, if 1000uW/cm2 is the standard for safety, and the maximum is 1uW/cm2 within 1500 ft of a cell tower or near a school Wi-Fi router, it would be safe to live near 1000 cell towers or put 1000 routers in a classroom.  This defies common sense, but that's what the FCC standards would allow.  Please think about this, read the scientific studies, and if you don't believe these measurements, get a meter and take your own measurements at home, school, around a cell tower.  This one is $140: functions as both an RF meter and Gaussmeter. (scroll down to RF/Gauss Meter by Cornet), sales tax for NY only.  For other meter recommendations and how to measure properly


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