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Quebec Human Rights Commission - EHS Information

Quebec Human Rights Commission - EHS Information

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If you suffer from EHS, the following information could greatly interest you. If you are not electro sensitive, but know someone who is, consider this:

On January 18, the lawyer Marie-Josée Talbot ( - informed several people of the following:

"As the Commission on Human Rights has successfully intervened in one of my records regarding EHS, I asked them how the Electro can assert their rights in Quebec and if we do it as a group or individually I got an answer that EHS is classified as a disability within the meaning of the Charter and that any person may make an individual complaint if it considers that saw discrimination and that it is excluded from some places seen its EHS. People can make a complaint, for example, to be entitled to have access to transport or public places such commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, parks, campgrounds and RV parks, and 'obtaining the goods and services that are available there. In short, anyone who believes she saw the exclusion following its EHS can call: (514) 873-5146 or 1 (800) 361-6477"

She then cited two relevant provisions of the CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF THE PERSON ...
prohibited discrimination.10. Everyone has the right to the recognition and exercise in full equality, rights and freedoms, without distinction, exclusion or preference based on race, color, sex, pregnancy, orientation sex, civil status, age except as provided by law, religion, political convictions, language, ethnic or national origin, social condition, a handicap or the use of any means to palliate a handicap.
Ground of discrimination.Discrimination exists where such a distinction, exclusion or preference has the effect of nullifying or impairing such right.

public places accessible to all.15. No one may, through discrimination, prevent others from having access to transportation or to public places such commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, parks, campgrounds and RV parks, and to get the goods and services that are available there.
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Then, the president of the Coalition of Activists for inclusion in Quebec (RAPLIQ), Ms. Linda Gauthier, who was contacted about this, replied, in part: "We work specifically with the Human Rights Commission. When a person with disabilities is for us, it prepares the complaint and assisting with the Commission, what other organizations are not: they are only of collective defense, that is, say bring the grievances of all of their members to governments. While we are made of individual defense also. "

This possibility has raised the interest of many electro - especially those with a medical diagnosis of EHS, which however is not mandatory, it seems, when filing a complaint, but dot be provided then. However, RAPLIQ only with a small team to deal with the many requests for assistance of any kind that the body receives, and the difficulty to draw the attention of the Commission on Human Rights merits, under the Charter of discrimination against electro people because of their disability, a study was initiated in the RAPLIQ to discuss how assistance could be provided to people electro willing to officially recognize their situation, a challenge relative size view of the novelty of this problem.

This January 31, Steven Laperrière (, activist of the first hour in the folder meters 'smart' and member of the Board of RAPLIQ, sent an email in which he wrote:

"You will find in the attached document that RAPLIQ can do to help. The general procedure is indicated. Know that all of us RAPLIQ, as well as me personally are happy to assist you. It will be a tough fight to lead, but together, we will conduct it with determination and enthusiasm. "

Here are the contents of the document which is now archived HERE.

I am proud to announce that RAPLIQ embarks on the adventure with you.
Now, if you have a complaint to the Commision for Human Rights and the rights of youth and mandated us, we are ready to welcome your complaints.
The process to contact us:
Preferably, the first contact by email to the following address: with your phone number and best time to reach you.
I know some people can not use electro computer, then you can tell them to contact me at 514-836-6376 in the afternoon only. The process will be the same, complaints will be processed in the order emails / calls. Complaints will not be processed faster, that is the order of receipt of applications that counts.
We expect a number of complaints, then we will send a receipt quickly and I will contact you within a reasonable time.
After talking to a (e) the complainant (s) and understand the discriminatory motive of the complaint, what corrective measures should be, the amount of moral damages (if applicable), we will be heard on the terms and receiving payment, then we will take charge of the complaint.
Writing, sent to the Commission, monitoring, mediation (if applicable) etc, etc ....
As I explained in a previous email, the management of a complaint generates costs. To support a complaint, the cost will be $ 200.00.
Each complaint will be assessed individually, both the appearance of the facts that rights trampled and remedial measures and punitive damages.
Throughout the process, I will each complainant (an) abreast of developments in his case over the events.
Ladies and gentlemen, please accept my most cordial greetings.
Steven LaperrièreConsultant RAPLIQ

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Finally, here's what I just put online to  about it - give yourself the trouble to explore the links provided because they contain much useful information.

Environmental and reasonable accommodations hypersensitivity(The EHS and people with diagnosed EHS can file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission of the Quebec recognizes environmental sensitivities as a disability entitling to accommodation, which is a legal requirement. It may well help advance recognition of this condition by various public and private bodies see their accommodation Guide IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT.. RAPLIQ (Coalition of activists for inclusion in Quebec) decided to provide support to people wishing electro to make such representations to the human rights Commission. as explained HERE, the organization "aims to eliminating the discrimination against people with disabilities and barriers currently limiting exercising their rights and freedoms. "the procedure is explained HERE. If you want to determine if you became an electro-or if you are in the process of becoming so, consult the description of the symptoms of EHS prepared 2014 Professor Dominique Belpomme, a world authority on the subject. More details HERE.)

Here. Hoping that all this will be helpful to many people with disabilities because of their EHS triggered, in many cases, by electropollution generated by the meters 'smart' Hydro-Québec.

Jean webmaster and co-founder of the CQLPE

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