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Gary Duncan…Take Back Your Power…where do we go from here

Gary Duncan…Take Back Your Power…where do we go from here

Josh del Sol…thank you again, as I have expressed often before, for the unique and powerful work you've done with Take Back Your Power.

This has been shown and talked about many times, serving as the focal point for many presentations in the Tabauache Corridor (Western Colorado, Eastern Utah) in both Smart Meter and Electromagnetic Health issues over the years.

During the past two years a definate and consistent decline in audience and interest in these showings has come to indicate time for changes.  Change is the only dependable constant in life.  We accept and accommodate it…or we die.

It may be that letting this become a part of our valued history as we move on to other venues of sanity is the advisable thing to do.

I'm not sure I agree with this.

The other opportunity this juncture may bring us…is to update, diversify and expand not only the content of your documentary, but also its accessibility.

Toward that end, as possibilities for courses to proceed in the future, I'm including what I can see as a 22 year researcher and advocate in these fields regionally and in connection with the International Research Community in Electrosentization.  I'll try making this brief.  Those who know me will laugh at the thought.

(1)  Audience response to the documentary as it exists is that it's good (given audiences with IQs exceeding their body temperatures and not dumbed down by the GE spin) but it's too long.  This I agree with, having viewed it several times.
Solution: Reissue a new edition of TBYP as a 4 part series, none of which exceeds 60 minutes in content (45 minutes is a highly competitive and effective limit, nothing needing to be lost given that there is now many times the space), but with added special features by subject on each of the 4 discs…allowing delving into specific selected issues in increasing depth by issue as the viewer/owner decides…this breaks the brick wall of sheer information content and the unfortunate but real audience information overload dilemma.

(2) Those who wish to show the documentary or distribute it immediatly encounter both a time/logistics access barrier and also one of cost under the present feed system.
Solution: Distribute the new 4 part edition without cost…acquiring funding in advance allowing free and non-barriered access….encourage everyone to give it away. Post it for streaming on the internet without charge.  The best in the field do this…we are also the ones who year by year stay in existence.  Those who do it for money do not.  I know from personal experience how apparently impossible this is in a capitalistic system and what passes here for reality.  However, this is illusion.  Capitalism is the cause of the problem we deal with here.  The workable solution will not be found within it.  Problems can never be solved on the levels on which they exist…mandating solutions on the next higher level at least.  20 years ago, with the Smart Shelter Network, I confronted this dilemma, working as a paid consultant part time thinking I had to while on the other hand I gave everything I could away under legitimate non-profit criterion.  In a fit of consequent disparity and broke, I made a completly irrational decision…I'll give everything away…i don't sell or charge for anything anymmore.  That's 20 years ago…i'm still giving it away…i have yet to miss a meal…and thousands of people have information they would never have afforded.  The universe takes care of us, right after we courageously step into doing what we know needs doing, without regard for profit or sustenance…its called trust and faith.  My experience in this realm…and at this point it is not insignificant…is that this is the only way it works.  This may also be the underlying cause of the current dilema threatening the continueation of TBYP…also needlessly.

(3) Despite all courageous and durable efforts, all the utility companies have rolled over the consumer, installed the Smart Meters, bashed the activists and now use this victory as assurance that they're right…along with the public…which is increasingly and rapidly deteriorating in health and psychology…again mindless and in denial of the cause.
Solution: The four part division of the work deals in the first documentary with the issues currently content as it exists…what they are, how to identify them, the hideous illegality and attitudes around their deployment…but pared down to just the rawest of sins…the public knows at this point, but some don't and the introduction needs to address this.  The second part may deal with the medical indicators of wireless radiation (not to forget the toxicity of AC itself…which is where this awareness began).   But people need solutions…they're defeated by too much statement of the problem…which is a regular complaint with the film the way it currently exists…beleaguering bashing of hope with more horrifying evidence, all without solution you can walk out of the theater and enact.  So the last two parts might deal with what people are doing after the deployment is effected depriving them of their rights and the EHS sets in.  This is what can turn the tide with TBYP…it becomes a focal tool for solutions and source of our hope.  By now, there are many many of us facing the bewilderment of loss…insistent that we cannot conscionably accept that…some having solutions possible for where to go from here…many not.  But in the activists I know, there is brilliance, durability and insistence on not being victims.  The value of the research you undertake from this point on can build on what you have already done…traveling everywhere, documenting incredibly well what the turely bouyant and informed/ethical spirit and community do with the debauchery and lies…let TBYP evolve into the resource pool to which we all contribute and from which we all get our inspiration.  It can, once the proper paradigm is erected, become a constantly growing and expanding living creature, instead of a one time film that died after it became obsolete.

(4) The film becomes didactic and boring focusing on victim mentality which is defeated by definition….I don't agree with all of this comment…i'm relaying it here because it consistently comes from the nay sayers in the audiences.  They are the ones we need to either change or eliminate…but how???
Solution: The new editions could focus not on conventional documentary style as a vehicle, but utilize art and humor.  Reading the work of Sun Tsu "Art of War"  I find that war is seldom won by the most powerful force, but by inferior armies possesed of cunning, espionage, intellect and strategy.  The two ingredients the corportocracy is defenseless again (mostly because as inferior beings they are incapable of developing) are aesthetics and humor.  We use weapons they can't and attack in ways against which their illusions of power are useless.  Nearly all of the Smart Shelter work in the past year or so has begun moving rapidly to these media…same message, same information…but taken into fiction, visualization, imagination, expression…and especially when its fun. Smart Meter song, Smart Meter Dances….Pete Seeger cleaned up the Hudson River with this and strawberry short cake.  He told me how.  Case in point this year was the Pagosa Springs wireless radiation "Smash"…poster below.  The idea was to stop lobying a corrupt and inept powercompany who already had the meters on the floor and the bill in accounting and tap on frustrated activists dreams of taking a sledge hammer to them.  We actually did this.  The employment hope of smashing more, music, dance, etc…pretty much fizzled as everyone only wanted to continue their incessant mantras of yak and "they're doing it to us" …but when the poster hit the internet, EHS activists everywhere hooted and wanted copies so they could do a "Smash" of their own.  Chosing games/ battles we can play and they can't, wars we can win and they can't.  If it isn't fun, we won't keep doing it…likely it won't work if it isn't.

It is very obvious to all I know fundamental to these causes that just because there is an illusion of temporary failure now, dangerously close to having many give up and prepare to fry…those like myself see very quickly…as I'm very sure you and many others do…that this is a war we cannont afford to lose.  We cannot afford to lose.  Not only that, we don't need to.

What we have all done, certainly your documentary well points out…is to pull the cover on a very despicable and decayed corportocracy…but now that we know its evil axis and intent…we have an obligation…to ourselves, those we care about, the biosphere and the future of life and the planet itself to now define and effect the revolution that will take us into The New World Order…just not exactly the one W and Dickey Boy had in mind.

Do this.  You won't be sorry.  We'll help.  But its got to be good.

Thank you for your work.

If this is the end for you, we will remember you with fond memories and respect.  My hope is, it will prove only to have been your real beginning.  Where the intent and correct energy you find in the guidance you may now embrace comes…directly and dependably in the path following your actions, every bit of support and help you will need to proceed will come.  This is the great hope of humanity and the justice of the universe…but is only available to those with the courage to look down over the edge of the cliff into the obvious abysmal oblivion below beconing to those stupid enough to step out into the open air of the future…and then watch themselves do it anyway….finding in the process that indeed, we all can fly.

(PS…also Selective Population Reduction through the Poopsie Pet corporate recyling program is turning out to be a convincing tool…conversation for another day )

"…until we're seen as dangerous
we will never be taken seriously…"

Gary Duncan

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