Thursday, June 18, 2015

Council Members Prepare For Fight Over Smart Meters

Council Members Prepare For Fight Over Smart Meters 

06/09/2015 06:22 PM

MEMPHIS, TN ( -- Memphis City Council members are preparing for a big fight over spending $240 million for smart meters.

Memphis Light, Gas, and Water wants to replace all of its old electric meters with the smart meters. Meters that are controversial.

$240-million dollars is a lot of money, especially when critics say smart meters are dangerous.

Fire is a cruel thing. Burning everything it can find. It has a voracious appetite that can spread quickly.

A house burned this past weekend next door where Marilyn Hancock and family live.

I was in my bedroom and I heard my next door neighbor screaming. I looked out the window. I saw the blaze coming from the storage house on top of the vehicle. And that's when I immediately got my family out of the home," Hancock said.

Lester and Lula Miller said their house caught fire after a power surge. Hancock said she did not notice any power surge.

Her place caught fire after the Miller's van with gas in the tank blew up.

"A lot of damage inside the house. Water damage inside the house. A lot of my furniture got damaged inside the home from the water. And the weather storm that took place last night," Hancock said.

The Miller’s fire was caused by an electrical problem. They said they have a smart meter. Smart meters have been criticized for possibly causing fires.

MLGW said the Millers do not have a smart meter. We could not find a house in the neighborhood with one.

But it's an argument Marilyn Hancock isn't joining.

"We’re doing fine. My family has been very supportive and they've been there for us," Hancock said. 

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