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Consultant paediatrician breaks with Royal Colleges on masts

Consultant paediatrician breaks with Royal Colleges on masts

NOTE: The authors of this letter live in an historic home under the shadow the the mast in question. Their letter appeared in the local newspaper, The Liffey Champion, the saame paper which carried Dr. Magda Havas’ warning to the the village (and the Kildare Co. Council several years ago.) The points raised by the letter are global. The European headquarters of Intel is little more than a mile from the home and the mast.
 The ESB referred to in the letter was known as the Electricity Supply Board but has since been re-branded.

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I note that the ESB has applied for planning permission to retain their Telecommunications mast in Leixlip.    
It is appalling that they erected this mast in Leixlip which is exposing those living and working in the area to radiation which is a health hazard associated  with cancer, depression of the immune system and in children  paired brain development. 
 The ESB is now seeking planning permission to maintain this mast and to expand it leading to greater exposure of radiation to all those living and working in Leixlip.               
The siting of this mast in the village is in breech of Government Policy (Government Guidelines June  2005) which recommends that communications masts should be located well away from homes, schools or locations where people congregate.        
  This communication  mast replaces a mast which was erected in 1971 to accommodate the ESB's  own radio telephone aerials. In 2004 transmitting  aerials were attached without planning permission.

The ESB has since moved their business away from the area. There are many locations away from the village where this mast could be placed. 

 Radiation is a well known health hazard and the people living and working Leixlip should not be exposed to this unnecessary radiation. 

 It is shameful that the ESB which no longer has premises in Leixlip was allowed erect this mast for commercial gain in a residential and business area.

  This is endangering the health and well being adults and children living and working in Leixlip and the ESB should not be allowed permission to retain or expand this mast in the Main Street of Leixlip.

Professor Hilary Hoey, Consultant Paediatrician,

Dr. Peter Harris, General Practitioner,

Ivy House, Main Street,


From John Weigel

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